10 ways to be a good friend


Do you desire a good friendship, do you desire someone to trust, lean upon, talk to? Then you must first be a good friend.  “A friend shows himself friendly”  Here are ways to be a better friend, and build character:

1)Be a good listener- Don’t be the person who talks all the time so that your friend cant get a word in.  Be slow to speak! Listen! Let your friend share all of her struggles, her endeavors, her accomplishments.  Being a good listener is a trait that I always look for in a good friend.

2)Be a comforter-Be someone that encourages your friend.  Are they talented? Then compliment them.  Are they a great mom? Then let them know what a great mom they are.  Are they trustworthy? Let them know how much you trust them.  Sometimes our dear friends never know how much we really love them because we never let them know.

3)Know your friend- know what shes into, know what her life is like, then you’ll know how to encourage her.  I have friends that are super busy, and they don’t necessarily have the time to come and visit me or go out to lunch, but they are encouaraged just by getting a text saying “hey, Im thinking of you.”  Know what kind of relationship your friend expects from you.  Is your friend someone that just wants a friendly “hello” to let them know your thinking of them or are they someone that needs a long in depth conversation to let them know you’re thinking of them.  Each person is different, so get to know your friend.

4)Do something special-Does your friend drink coffee? Then pick up a bag of her favorite coffee.  Does she like to knit? Then buy her a ball of yarn.  Does she enjoy music? Get her a cd. (am I the only one who still listens to cd’s? Have I become that old that CD’s aren’t around anymore.  Ok, that might be the case so instead buy her an iTunes card) Are you low on funds to buy her something? Write her a card, make her a loaf of bread or some cookies.

5)Never talk about your friends business to someone else- You will quickly and sometimes permanently lose the trust of your friend if you spout out her business to other people.    Do you want that? Remember, what you sow, you will reap. Be a friend that doesn’t repeat a matter.

6)Help your friend- Is she super busy? Does she need time with her husband? Take her kids for the evening and let them enjoy dinner together.  Is she behind on laundry? Pop over and give her a hand.

7)Pray for your friend-This is so important.  There is power in prayer.  Prayer changes things.  There are things that we cannot change, but God can.  Pray for your friend in her trials, in her marriage, in her walk with God.  Pray for her family, her calling, her health.  Pray, Pray, Pray.

8)Be trustworthy-keep your promises.  If you make plans with your friend, don’t cancel.  If you promise to help her with something, then make it a priority.  Be someone that she can trust.

9)Be reliable-Make sure your friend can depend on you.  Are you supposed to meet her at noon for lunch, then be there at noon.  Do what you have committed to do.

10) Be willing to apologize when you’ve made a mistake- I cant tell you how many friendships I have seen crumble over the years because someone is unwilling to apologize. Are we women really that stubborn that we would rather breakup a friendship then to admit that we are wrong? Be someone that is willing to assess yourself and accept if you are wrong, and if you were wrong, make sure that you apologize.

You see, we can have good friends when we are also a good friend.


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