15 Minutes to a Peaceful Morning


There are some days that are chaotic and some days a little more peaceful.  I often wonder what happens to make such a difference.  Organization is a big part of it!

There are times when we get home late, there are things left on the counter and dirty dishes left in the sink, baskets of unfolded laundry left, and I head to bed.   The next morning is quite overwhelming.

15 Minute Rule:


I decided to take 15 minutes and turn them into a more peaceful morning.  The night before, take 15 minutes to tidy up, make sure dishes are done, and counters cleared.  Then make a short list of things you want to accomplish for the following day.  Pray for your  day as you go about your 15 minutes.

When you get up the next morning you won’t be distracted by the things left undone, and you’ll have a more peaceful morning.

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