20 Ways to Liven Up Your Oatmeal




Oatmeal is a breakfast staple in many homes!  I know it is in mine!  Sometimes it can get a bit boring and trite with the same old toppings!  


Here is a list of a few (maybe not so healthy) versions to spruce up your oatmeal and kickstart your mornings!


1. Mocha – stir in some instant coffee with some cocoa powder for an instant mocha oatmeal!  

2. Carmel Apple – Stir in some apple chunks and drizzle with a bit of carmel sauce.

3. Tropical Blend – Stir in some coconut and pineapple or mango for a tropical twist.

4. Raspberry Almond – stir in some raspberries and top off with some slivered almonds.

5.  Raisin Cookie – Stir in some raisins, cinnamon, and top with some brown sugar.

6.  Maple Bacon – Stir in some bacon and maple syrup for a hearty breakfast version.

7. Pumpkin Pie – Stir in some pumpkin filling and top with some brown sugar.

8. Pecan Pie – Stir in some brown sugar and top with some pecans.

9.  Chocolate Chip Cookie – Stir in some chocolate chips and walnuts for a sweet twist.

10.  Banana Bread – Stir in some bananas and cinnamon for a down home version.

11. Sweet and Salty – Stir in a few chocolate chips with some nuts or seeds for a sweet and salty version.

12. Blueberry – stir in some blueberries and cinnamon for a blueberry pie flare. I top mine with brown sugar!  

13. Apple Pear – stir in some apple and pear chunks with some cinnamon for a fruity delight.

14.  Carrot Cake – stir in some shredded carrot with some cinnamon and top with some brown sugar and walnuts for a carrot cake version.

15.  Peanut Butter – Stir in a scoop of peanut butter (and maybe a few chocolate chips) for a yummy start!

16. Honey & Banana – Start off with some banana chucks and cinnamon and stir in some honey for a sweet banana version.

17. Mandarin Delight – stir in some mandarin oranges and cinnamon and top with some slivered almonds for an Asian twist.

18.  Peach – Stir in some brown sugar and peaches and top with some slivered almonds and cream (or skim milk).  

19.  Strawberry Cream – Stir in some strawberries and cinnamon and top with slivered almonds and cream.

20.  Trail Mix – Stir in a handful of your favorite trail mix or a blend of a few listed above for your own tasty version!


Let us know if you try any and what you think!  My favorites are the Peaches & Cream and Blueberry ones!  

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