30 days to a cleaner house-Day 13

Shoes, shoes and more shoes!!! Today I am working on my porch and going through all my kids shoes, they have A LOT of shoes! I am putting away their winter boots and donating shoes that don’t fit them.  While I am at it cleaning my porch, I am doing the same with their coats and hats. I am putting away winter coats, hats and gloves, donating stuff that doesn’t fit.  Do you have a porch, mudroom, foyer, coat closet? Well get going on that today.  Make sure you wipe stuff down, clean stuff out and mop your floors.  This is one step closer to a cleaner house.

Here’s what we’ve done so far, so jump in at Day one anytime!!

Day 1) Ceiling fans and lights

Day 2) cobwebs

Day 3) Walls and molding

Day 4) Windows

Day 5) Cabinet and cupboard doors

Day 6) Refrigerator

Day 7) TVs and mirrors

Day 8) Showers and tubs

Day 9) Drawers

Day 10) Tables and chairs, end tables, coffee tables

Day 11) Clean your mattresses

Day 12) Dust your bedrooms



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