30 Days to a cleaner house-Day 17

Is anyone sick of cleaning yet? My hand is raised!! Were more than half way done! Today, it sounds like a simple job, but I am cleaning UNDER my furniture.  Under all of my beds and couches.  This is a scary job.  I have found the strangest things under my couches.  Missing puzzle pieces, socks, food, pacifiers…. One time, a few months ago, I had a bunch of women at my house and one of the little girls that was here found an entire broken jar under my couch, along with a bunch of other weird things.  It is a job that I do a couple times a year, and then I vacuum and mop under my couches.  So get out your cleaning supplies and I challenge you to see what’s hiding under those couches.

My kids beds are another story!!! I am scared to see what’s under there. I am never shocked, I have learned with 4 boys that nothing surprises me anymore.  Shocked no, scared yes!


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