30 Days to a cleaner house-DAY 2



Ok, so how many of you cleaned your ceiling fans and light fixtures yesterday for Day 1 of our cleaning challenge?  Ok, if you’re behind, then start today!  You can do this!  Today is cobweb day! Start at one end of your house with your broom, vacuum, or duster and dust the cobwebs out of every ceiling in your house.  I just put a damp rag at the end of my broom and it works wonders, I use an old rag that I just throw away when I’m done.  Vacuuming cobwebs is easy too.  So lets get started.  Head upstairs and start in your back bedroom and work your way through your whole house.  It wont take much time, and you are on your way to a cleaner house……

Day 1-Clean Ceiling Fans and light fixtures

Day 2-Clean cobwebs in every room

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