30 Days to a cleaner house-Day 20

Curtains and valances!! I hate taking my curtains down because they never go back up easily and they never look the same when I put them back up.  It always takes some fiddling around. I still have to do it though right?!

I have a large picture window in my living room and they curtains are almost to the floor.  Today when I had a few ladies over, some of the kids were wrapping themselves up in the curtain and I noticed WHEW those need a good cleaning.

So today I am washing all of my curtains. My curtains are light colored, of course not light enough to bleach (that would be too easy) but I am soaking them in a tub full of oxi-clean to get the stains out then throwing them in the washing machine.  Anyone have an easier way to clean your curtains and valances? I’m all ears!


Day 1) Ceiling fans and lights

Day 2) cobwebs

Day 3) Walls and molding

Day 4) Windows

Day 5) Cabinet and cupboard doors

Day 6) Refrigerator

Day 7) TVs and mirrors

Day 8) Showers and tubs

Day 9) Drawers

Day 10) Tables and chairs, end tables, coffee tables

Day 11) Clean your mattresses

Day 12) Dust your bedrooms

Day 13) Porch, mudroom, or shoe closet

Day 14) Bathroom

Day 15)Floors

Day 16)Toy room

Day 17)Under couches

Day 18) Outside windows

Day 19) Kids clothes

Day 20) Curtains and valances

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