30 Days to a Cleaner house-DAY 3

When I was making dinner, I moved my garbage can closer to me so I could throw my food scraps in.  I went to put it back near the wall and noticed that my wall was filthy behind my garbage can.  I guess I would expect it to be with 4 boys, but I had never noticed it before.  Today I am cleaning all of my walls and molding.  My molding is white so you can see any dirt or dust that piles up on it.  So today, your job is to clean your molding and any spots on the walls that are dirty.  I love using a magic eraser on the molding, it takes all the scratches off and makes the molding look new.  Give it a try.  Just like the cobweb hunting yesterday, you start in one room and work your way through the whole house.  Hop up and go at it!

Day 1) Clean fans and light fixtures

Day 2) Clean cobwebs in every room

Day 3) Clean walls and molding

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