30 Days to a cleaner house-Day 9

Today, clean out those kitchen drawers.  We have a “junk” drawer that was getting ridiculous.  My silverware drawer was full of crumbs.  So today I’m cleaning out all those drawers.  This is something that you need to pep yourself up for.  I have to be in the mood to do something like this.  So do you.  Once I saw my drawers, it put me in the mood! I’m taking everything out of every drawer.  Throwing away the junk (whew that felt good to do) and wiping down the inside of all my drawers.  This is such a refreshing and rewarding job to FINALLY do.  Maybe your drawers weren’t as bad as mine, but its still one step closer to a cleaner house!! So dump those drawers out and get moving.

Guess what I found in my junk drawer…..a bunch of sticky pennies, and dried up markers…..:)

I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was a great idea for drawer organization.  These are the bottoms of old cereal boxes…..you crafters are awesome!!!

This is a great idea! Cut and cover your old cereal boxes to make draw dividers, to help organise all of your things.

Day 1) Ceiling fans and lights

Day 2) cobwebs

Day 3) Walls and molding

Day 4) Windows

Day 5) Cabinet and cupboard doors

Day 6) Refrigerator

Day 7) TVs and mirrors

Day 8) Showers and tubs

Day 9) Drawers



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