30 Days to a cleaner house-Day 8

This is another one of my unfavorite things to clean.  My spell check is telling me that unfavorite is not a word, but I’m using it anyway because every one knows the meaning of what I’m saying. My next UNFAVORITE thing to clean is my shower and bathtub.  Unfortunately it’s one of those things that you have to clean even if you dislike it because otherwise it gets gross.  I guess that pretty much goes for anything in your house but dirty showers and toilets tend to gross me out a little more than a dirty window, or ceiling fan.  So today your task is to clean that shower and bathtub…thoroughly.  You can use my shower cleaner recipe here, its super easy to make and works great, spray on and let it sit for a few minutes, your soap scum will be gone and you’re on your way to a cleaner house!

Day 1) Ceiling fans and lights

Day 2) cobwebs

Day 3) Walls and molding

Day 4) Windows

Day 5) Cabinet and cupboard doors

Day 6) Refrigerator

Day 7) TVs and mirrors

Day 8)Showers and tubs

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  1. Julie Seeber says:

    Marissa I am going to try your shower cleaning recipe. We have friends coming to stay with us in May and I will need a sparkling tub and shower. Cleaning the tub, shower and refrigerator are my most unfavorite things. My spell check is also showing unfavorite as not a word. I haven’t forgot about the bagels….I’ll be by sometime to learn. How is the puppy? Really enjoying your website.

    • Julie, the puppy is great. A little more work than I expected. That seems to always happen with me. I am too optimistic about things sometimes. lol. I am learning!! Last week I was running late trying to get Levi to preschool and Justin his lunch. I loaded the kids in the car, and the puppy in the car, and I ran back in to grab Justin’s lunch, I felt like something was stuck to the bottom of my shoe. But of course because I was trying to hurry so I was ignoring it. I thought it was gum or something. So as I got to the car (let me remind you I ran into my kitchen, into the bathroom to shut the lights off and into my living room), I stopped before I got in the car to get it off and realized it was POOP!! Dog poop!!! I tracked it all over my house! Luckily I have my faithful steam mop to disinfect 🙂 But a few of those events are what have caused me to realize that raising a pup is a little harder than I thought!