40 Things Moms of Boys Might Say


I have 4 boys under the age of 7.  I have 7 nieces that I see every week though, and I find that the things I say to my boys, I would never have to say to my nieces.  Moms of boys, do you find yourself saying any of these things?

1) Don’t eat that!!
2) What smells?
3) Don’t flush that down the toilet!
4) Stop hitting your brother!
5) Why did you break this?
6) Who locked this door?
7) Stop riding the dog!
8) Please stop wrestling!
9) Don’t lick the windows!
10) Did you flush the toilet?
11) Who peed on the floor?
12) The fridge is open!
13) Don’t climb on that!
14) Get off of his head!
15) Where are your socks?
16) Did you do this?
17) Stop dragging him around!
18) Who dumped this out?
19) Please get down off of that!
20) Please don’t burp again!
21) Don’t feed that to the dog!
23) Please don’t put your hands in your pants!
24) Who licked this?
25) Did you brush your teeth? With toothpaste?
26) We just ate dinner!
27) Please put clean underwear on!
28) Don’t draw on that!
29) Stop eating the crayons!
30) Did you hurt him?
31) You peed where?
32) No you can’t break that!
33) Why is the floor wet?
34) Who ate all of these?
35) Please wash your hands!
36) Why is your hair all sticky?
37) Don’t run!
38) You need a coat!
39) Where are your shoes?
40) Please stop farting!

Ladies, am I the only mom saying these things? Please tell me that you can relate!!

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