5 Tips to sell your stuff online and where to sell it

Have a bunch of stuff you want to sell? Here are some great ways to sell your stuff and make a little extra money.


Tips for selling Online


1) A pictures worth 1000 words.  Make sure you take good pictures of your items.  If something has been sitting in the attic, dust it off before you take a picture.  If you’re selling clothes then fold them or hang them nicely for the picture.  Even iron them if necessary.  Pictures are what will sell your items.


2) Be honest. If your item has a scratch or a dent, then state that it has a scratch or dent.  If it needs fixing, then state that it needs fixing.  You don’t want to be at the bad end of a bargain, so don’t put someone else at the bad end of a bargain.  Be honest about what you are selling.


3) Give a fair price. List an item for the price you are hoping to get for it.  Don’t list things at higher prices because you are expecting that they are going to offer you something lower.  Be willing to negotiate a little but keep your prices fair, don’t overprice your items.  Check Craigslist, Ebay, or Yard Sale sites to get a good idea of what your item is worth.


4) Make sure your listing is clear and organized. Give details about your items.  If you’re selling your car, then make sure you list everything about the car, the make and model, the year, the mileage, the color etc.  If you don’t list these details then you will get swamped with emails from people asking you these questions.  Save yourself the time and hassle and just list these things in your description.


5) Double check your listing before you post it.  Read over your ad before you post it.  Make sure your phone number or email address is correct, make sure your spelling and grammar is decent! Double check everything before your submit it.


Places to sell your items

1) FACEBOOK VIRTUAL YARDSALES Facebook virtual yardsales are great for a few reasons.  First, because you can list on there for free.  Second, because the buyers are local and you can sell quickly. Third, because its FUN!  I would start by joining a facebook yardsale sight in your county or area. Make sure you read the rules, some sights have strict rules.  I would start by trying to sell your stuff there. You can sell anything on Virtual Yardsale sites, both large and small items.

2) CRAIGSLIST I like to use craigslist for large items that are not worth shipping.  Cars, furniture, atv’s etc.  Craigslist is also FREE to list your items, but make sure you watch out for scammers that try to get you to send them money, and tell you they will give you money back.  Craigslist is a CASH ONLY type of listing.  Don’t accept checks, money orders, or wire transfers.  I have had much success buying and selling on craigslist, but only with larger items.  I have had less success with clothing, books, etc.

3)Amazon and Ebay- Amazon and ebay are great for items that are small and can easily be shipped, like books, clothing, dvd’s etc.  Ebay charges a 10% fee for listing an item.  Whatever your product sells for, plan to pay them 10%.  Amazon charges a similar fee.  Make sure you check what it will cost to ship an item before you list it.  I try to only list items that will fit in a flat rate shipping box and then you are assured that whoever buys your item, the shipping cost will be a set rate.  I recommend trying to sell through virtual yardsale before you list something on ebay or amazon.

So there you go, Spring is the time to go through all of your stuff, and get rid of what you aren’t using, and why not make some money doing it!