5 Ways to cut that electric bill!


I hate when I get a high electric bill.  I’ve got my kids trained that when your not using something, TURN IT OFF! I’ll see them always turn the lights off when they leave a room, and turn the TV off when they’re done watching a movie.  Here are 5 ways to start saving:

1)Buy CFL bulbs—If you run a 60W bulb all month (24 hours a day), depending on what you pay for electric, it would cost you about $7.20 a month.  A CFL bulb uses 14 W and would cost $1.67 a month. In the long run, you’ll save by buying the CFL bulbs.  AND make sure you’re turning them off when you aren’t using them!

2)Turn your thermostat down.  The university of Michigan found that turning your thermostat down 1 degree would save you between 3-5% of your bill.  Figure that out…=BIG SAVINGS.  Set it a few degrees lower during the day and 5 degrees lower at night. You’ll see big savings each month.

3)Look at that old Fridge–Your refrigerator is a electric hog.  It accounts for about 9% of your electric bill each month.  If yours is old and clunky, consider buying a new energy efficient one.  If you cant afford it now, pull your fridge out and vacuum out the coils.  They get filled with dust and make your fridge work on overload to stay cool.  Doing this will save you some money each month.

4)Consider a new washer and dryer-About 5 years ago we bought front loaders.  We had used top loaders before that, an average top load washer uses 40 gallons of water for 1 load.  According the Alliance for water efficiency, by switching to front load you will use less than half that amount of water than a top loader.  By turning your washing machine on cold it will save you each month.  My washing machine spins my clothes so well that they come out half dry! I mean it, they are not that wet when they come out of my washer.  So my dry time is less too, saving me even more money.  In the summer months, from April-October, I hang my clothes.  The cost to run your dryer is anywhere from $0.40 cents to $0.80 cents per load.  I do 2 loads a day (I have 4 boys with filthy clothes everyday).  That’s saving me $0.80-$1.60 a day by hanging them. $24-$48 a month by hanging my laundry.  $288-$576 a year.  Think of what you can do with an extra $576 a year!

5)Have you ever heard on an “Energy vampire”?  I didn’t until last year.  Energy vampires are things that use energy even when they are not being used.  Things such as cell phone chargers, power strips, computers, game boxes(wii, x box etc), electric toothbrushes, coffee maker, toaster, printers.  All of these don’t take up tons of energy but on average, each home has 20 “energy vampires” in their homes. Add up all that energy and its no longer a small amount.  You can go to amazon and find these smart strips, they automatically switch off the plug to  your cell phone cords and appliances when they are not in use.  And, Oh look, they are on sale!! 🙂

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