50 Free Things to do with Your Family This Winter

50 free winter 


Living in New York certainly has it’s benefits, but sometimes the winters can be looong and co-o-old!  Here are some fun and quirky ideas, that are totally FREE, that you can enjoy with your family this winter!


  1. Take advantage of community activities and festivals
    1. Winter Fests
    2. Home Depot/Lowes Build a Project
    3. Library/Village/Town Activities
  2. Go to the Library
  3. Visit grandparents
  4. Visit friends
  5. Invite cousins over for a “cousins camp”
  6. Check the internet for free admissions to museums
  7. Start on those indoor projects (paint, clean out drawers, organize closets)
  8. Read a book, or start a family book to read aloud to each other
  9. Play dress up with your kids
  10. Make a bucket list of things you want to do this summer
  11. Have a date night with your spouse at home and have your children make and serve you dinner
  12. Create an obstacle course and take turns going through
  13. Play charades 
  14. Bake!  Cookies, cupcakes, and pies, oh my!
  15. Play indoor basketball with a wastebasket
  16. Have a treasure or scavenger hunt around the house
  17. Break out the crafts and make cards to send to the troops oversees, college students, missionaries, or to a sick friend or relative
  18. Clean out your closet and sell or donate those unwanted clothes
  19. Get out your “special” dishes and have a fancy dinner
  20. Rearrange your furniture and redecorate
  21. Make a fort with your kids
  22. Build a Lego creation
  23. Create a family menu and eat at home
  24. Make a family dinner, having everyone work together on it
  25. Go sledding 
  26. Build a snowman family 
  27. Make a snow fort
  28. Go hiking or for a walk
  29. Have an ice cream social and create your own sundaes with toppings from your pantry
  30. Make milkshakes or smoothies for a sweet treat
  31. Have a family board game night
  32. Have Nerf guns?  Play war 
  33. Don’t have Nerf guns?  Roll up socks and have an indoor snowball fight…watch the lamps
  34. Raid your pantry and have snacks/appetizers for dinner with your findings
  35. Watch a movie at home – Don’t forget the popcorn
  36. Have a video game challenge night
  37. Have an indoor campout in the living room
  38. Make soup
  39. Work together to get some freezer meals done
  40. Turn off all the lights and electronics and only use flashlights and candles and tell stories
  41. Set up an indoor yard sale and invite friends over to “shop”
  42. Get out the drawing pad and sketch the winter landscape, make self portraits, or draw each other.  Then, have an art show around the house
  43. Scour the internet for freebies and use around town for a freebie fun day
  44. Have a spa day and pamper each other at home
  45. Make snowflakes or winter crafts and decorate for winter
  46. Go Homemade…make homemade soaps, scrubs, cleaners, etc.  
  47. Play Minute to Win It with things you find around the house
  48. Have Family Olympics and see who can do the most push ups, sit ups, squats, etc.
  49. Rummage through those closets for old T-shirts and permanent/fabric markers and have fun decorating them
  50. Family Fun Day…have your kids come up with fun ideas, write them down, and put in a jar.  Take turns picking out of the jar until each member has picked a fun thing to do and do them ALL!  


Most of all, make memories!!  Time goes by so fast and life gets busy, but these are all the fun things your kids will remember!  


We’d love to hear your ideas, even if they aren’t free!  We always like new ideas to do with our families!



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