6 Ways to save on auto insurance


At one time we used Progressive for our car and home insurance.  Once we realized we were paying WAYYYYY too much, we decided to shop around for rates. Here are a few tips to save you on your car and house insurance.

1) SHOP AROUND.  We called my brother in law who is the Business director at Quinton Insurance, and he was able to get us a lower rate that an of the competing insurance companies.  Not only that, Quinton insurance shops around every year to ensure that you are getting the lowest rate possible.  They are essentially doing all of the work for you.  You can call them at 1-800-454-1970 for a free 30 second quote.

2) BUNDLE UP.  Most companies offer discounts if you bundle your car and home insurance with the same company.  We ended up saving $600 per year by switching over to Erie and bundling our car and home together with them.

3) CHECK YOUR DEDUCTIBLE.  It can save you hundreds of dollars each year by raising your deductible.  BUT….if you have a teenage driver (or a bad driver 😉 ) in your household, you might reconsider before you do this.  If you haven’t had accidents, consider opting to pay a higher deductible for a lower rate.

4) DEFENSIVE DRIVING.  Another perk of using Quinton insurance is that they offer an online defensive driving class that will lower your insurance premium!! This defensive driving class is good for 3 years, it guarantees to lower your premiums by 10%, will take 4 points off your license, there is no final exam, and its approved by NYS DMV.  The class is only $25 for people who are members of Quinton insurance.  Easy, and saves you money, who doesn’t like that?

5) DO YOU NEED ALL THE EXTRAS? We had a lot of extra stuff on our policy.  We were paying for roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, etc.  It saved us just to take those things off.  If you need them, keep them, but if you are looking to save money and you can do without them, them ask for them to be removed.

6) DRIVE SAFELY AND OBEY THE LAW. This is a given, but I suppose I still need to mention it.  The more tickets you receive, the higher you are going to pay for car insurance.  After 39 months, your tickets will be off your record for car insurance companies.  By the way, did you know that your tickets never really come off your record, but for the purpose of car insurance it is only counted against you for 39 months.

If you policy is not up yet, that doesn’t matter.  I switched over to Quinton Insurance and received a check back to reimburse me because my other insurance company was already paid for the year.  You can switch at any time and get your money back.  Quinton also offers you a free dunkin donuts giftcard when you call to get a quote 🙂

You can call 1-800-454-1970 ask for Nate, for a free quote. Or you can email Nate@quintoninsurance.com.  Or visit www.quintoninsurance.com  I bet everyone can save a little extra by following these tips!

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