9 Easy Tips to Save Money at Yard Sales

yard sale


Welcome back to Money Saving Monday.  Now that yard sale season is in full swing, I am going to share some tips on how to save money at yard sales.


1. Bring Cash

Give yourself a limit of what you are going to spend for the day, and stick to it.  Remember, no one wants to worry about checks not clearing, so don’t ask anyone to take a check.  If you’re not prepared with enough cash you can stop back later or the next day.  If you don’t want to take the chance of losing an item you really want, leave a deposit, and be sure to stop back ASAP.  People REALLY don’t like holding items so only do this if you are coming back within the next couple hours.


2.  Be Prepared to Walk Away

If you find an item or items you really want, but the price is too steep, you can negotiate a lower price.   then walk away if they can’t meet it.  Don’t feel guilty or pressured to take the item anyway.  You are there to find a good deal and save your family money, not make others happy.


3.  Negotiate

Don’t let your pride get in the way on this one!!  Realize that these are items that people want to get rid of.  Yes, they are looking to make some money, but they also don’t want to drag stuff to the Goodwill or dumpster either.  The worst they can say is no.  Then, be prepared to pay the higher price, or to say, “Ok, thank you,”  and move on.  Most of them time they will say yes.  Also, you don’t have to negotiate on everything.  If something is already priced well, you don’t have to negotiate.


4.  Buy in large quantities

If you are buying a certain size of clothing or item (like craft item, tools, etc.), make an offer on a large amount or the entire lot instead of piece by piece.  Sellers are likely to give you a better price if you are taking a batch of items.


5. Shop the End of Sales

If you are shopping at the beginning of  a sale you will tend to pay higher prices on items.  Sellers want to get the best prices they can at the beginning.  If you wait until the end of the day or end of the sale you will reap the best prices.  By then sellers will get a good idea what people are willing to pay, and will be more willing to negotiate at the end.


6. Do your homework, or bring a smartphone

Don’t get fooled by high ticket items.  Just because someone thinks it’s an antique with a high value doesn’t mean that it really is.  Just because the baseball is on a stand and looks to be signed by Babe Ruth, doesn’t make it authentic.  Make sure you do your homework, or look it up while you’re there on your mobile device.  Yard sale items are not returnable, so research before you make a regrettable purchase.


7.  Make a list of what you need or are looking for

Just like at the grocery store, make a list before you go.  It will help you stay focused and not buy impulsively.  Not only will this save you money, but it will save you time by not having to find a home for all the “treasures” you are bringing home.


8.  Bring drinks & snacks

If you are bringing your kids along, make sure you bring lots of drinks and snacks.  One run through the drive thru can bust your budget!!  Be prepared with healthy snacks for your kids and for yourself.  Sugary snacks will lead your kids to tired, crabby, melt downs and tantrums…ending your yard saling day quickly!!


9.  Map your route and save on gas

Make sure you look up deals on your local penny saver sites, craigslist, and Facebook sites.  Map your route accordingly with the shortest routes possible to save on gas and time!


Happy Yard Saling!!

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