A mouth full of soap

This morning I woke up to a soaking wet bed because my son climbed right in, snuggled up, and thought he was in the bathroom…..but I didn’t let that ruin my Saturday morning.  I look forward to Saturdays! We usually take our time getting up and my husband plays with the kiddos while I make piles and piles of different kinds of pancakes.  My boys usually eat every last pancake.  I’ll wait to see if there is any left, and if there is I’ll eat them.  So this morning my son and I made homemade syrup, you can see my recipe here.  My father in law popped in and they ate a huge breakfast.  I started the cleaning all of the dirty dishes with my 2 year old (he always climbs up and watches me do dishes and I usually let him splash around)  So I noticed that there was one big pancake left that no one ate, YES! Its all mine! So I make myself some coffee, get my pancake ready and I noticed that my son dumped out the rest of my bottle of dishsoap, agh! So I assumed he dumped it in the sink, I pour my warm freshly made syrup onto my pancake.  I’m a syrup lover, so it was soaked with syrup, only to find that my syrup tasted awful! Wow, and no one said anything about it.  I was surprised because my husband and my father in law try to make me a better cook by telling me when something isn’t up to par.  I took another bite, and as I was chewing, I felt bubbles forming in my mouth, literally! My little rascal had poured the dish soap into my pan of freshly made syrup! I’ve brushed my teeth, drank coffee, washed it down with water and still can’t get the soap taste out of my mouth.  My kids thought it was hilarious! Oh what a perfect and typical Saturday morning in the Perry house!



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  1. Julie Seeber says:

    He looks so innocent. Are you sure it wasn’t someone else? His first name begins with L. Just kidding.
    One time when Elisha was little, he snuck my makeup when I wasn’t looking and he hid in a corner and covered himself from
    head to toe with foundation and under eye concealer. He even wrote on the wall with it. The saddest part was that things were
    kind of tight at the time, and I couldn’t just go out and buy more. I had to walk around for a couple months with everyone telling me how tired I looked because I didn’t have any makeup to cover up the circles under my eyes (which sadly enough are hereditary and no amount of sleep makes them go away.)
    Love your stories. They make me laugh. And remind me of the word….. Patience. I am visiting your website daily. Love the pictures too. God bless. Julie