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Our goal is to provide you with resources, from meal plans and recipes to debt management tips and budget tools, to equip you to become CEO of your home. On this site you’ll also find lots of tips on how to coupon, tons of great deals, ways to save time and money, organization tips, debt management resources, and encouragement in your journey of doing so.

We are both daughters of the living God, redeemed by the blood of Jesus, and we hope to glorify and honor Him in all that we do. We believe that we are called to be good stewards over our time and resources, and because God has called us to do that, He has equipped us for it.

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Marissa- Welcome to our little spot in blogland!! My name is Marissa, I am an Italian raised, t-shirt wearin’, momma of 4 crazy boys. My kids are always pulling pranks, telling jokes, and making messes, but I love them with every inch of me!  Married to my best friend Justin, who teaches me more about God’s love through his actions than anyone I’ve ever known, and I just adore him!!

I am a wannabe crafter, so you’ll probably be shocked when you see some of my do-it-yourself projects on this blog.  I love finding a good deal, love to be organized, and love my family!  As a stay at home mom, I am always striving to find a balance in all that I do.  If you’re reading this, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.  Doing laundry, making dinner, raising young kiddos, all these in themselves are a full time job.  Grocery shopping, paying bills and staying organized can be overwhelming.  I believe God has called us to be good stewards over all we have no matter how great or small that is, that requires us to live within our means, and I believe God has enabled us to do that.  I find joy in living simply and saving money wherever I can.  I’m praying God would teach me the perfect balance for all that I do, and I pray He would be glorified through this blog.  I hope you’ll stick around and get involved too! Shoot us your comments and questions, we’d love to hear em!


Sara –  Hi guys!  I am a stay at home mom of 3 kids, ages 11 to 3.  They keep me on my toes, and I love each of their little personalities.  I have an amazing husband, and have been married for 16 years.

Before becoming a mom, I worked as a Financial Analyst.  I knew my call was to stay at home when I had kids so my husband and I always budgeted for that.  We lived on his income alone, and used my salary for savings and paying down on our mortgage, which was our only debt at the time.  I am a strong believer in managing your money instead of your money managing you.   I love to help people get on a budget, out of debt, and on a good savings plan.

My parents taught me how to save and be a good steward of my money growing up.  My dad would have us clip coupons and take us shopping to show us how to get the best deals.  We went from store to store…no price matching back then.  When I was old enough to drive, grocery shopping became my job.  I couponed and shopped as many deals as I could find.  It surely trained me for when I was a mom myself.

I am also an organization and deal junky.  I love to help people get organized and save lots of time and money!!  I try never to pay full price for anything!!


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