Another member!!

So if you read my post here about the new calf, and here about the baby chickens, you’ll be glad to know that we have added another new member to our little homestead.  Her name is Sawyer! I told my husband, it’s strange that we have 5 males in our house, but every animal that we own is a female.  Well this little cutie is my only hope for a girl inside my house!

You know, I am already trying to potty train a 2 year old, I thought it would make my life easier if I tried to potty train a puppy along with my 2 year old (sarcasm).  My oldest son is almost 7.  I have changed poop diapers for almost 7 years straight!!! I have always had one in diapers.  If I can get my 2 year old and this puppy potty trained, I’ll be poop FREE!!!! FINALLY!! It may seem silly to you but it’s a milestone in my life! When you have cleaned poop off walls, floors, clothes, cars, cribs for 7 years its going to be a ceremonial event to finally have everyone potty trained.  If you’re a momma reading this then you know what I mean.

So we bought an chocolate lab.  She only peed twice in my car on the way home 🙂 That was a joke, what I really want to say is SHE STINKIN’ PEED TWICE IN MY CAR!!!  I am adamant about bringing her out every 15 minutes so we haven’t had any accidents in my house yet which I am pretty excited about.

My kids love her, they had her wrapped up like a baby and rocked her to sleep.  I had to free her from their nurturing!! This is only the first day, I’m sure in a week you’ll be reading that she pooped in my house and chewed up my shoes.  But nothing bad yet other than my boys brawling every 30 seconds over whose turn it is to sit next to the puppy. But we love her already.  If you have any puppy training tips, be sure to send them to me!



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