Food for thought…awake out of sleep


I remember being a teenager, well maybe I need to clarify that a little more….I remember being a rude, snotty, know-it-all, rebellious teenager. I can still hear my mom’s words ringing in my ears. “You are a heathen Marissa, and I sure hope you don’t get left behind when I get raptured.” Deep down, I knew what she was saying was true, I believed that the blood of Jesus redeemed me from my sins, I believed the Bible was real, I knew it.  Yet still, in my rebellion, I walked away from God. BUT….I was scared about the rapture.  Because I was in outright sin against God, I was scared of the rapture.  It’s ironic that I used to “pray” to God that the rapture wouldn’t take place yet, not until I was ready to walk with God.  Can you say foolish? Yes, I sure was, FOOLISH!

Paul writes throughout the Epistles that in the end days perilous times will come, that persecutions will come.  Paul saw those in his lifetime.  His life was full of persecutions.  He witnessed perilous times.  He writes about his endeavors “in perils of robbers” “in perils of my own countrymen” Paul lived his life as though the rapture was taking place tomorrow.  He believed it wholeheartedly.  He lived his life with zeal, love, and boldness.

Read the headlines today sweet sister, and pair them with this “Understanding the present time: The hour has already come for you to wake up from your slumber, because our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. ” Romans 13:11

I believe the rapture will take place in my lifetime.  I think that Paul thought the same so he lived a life of zeal.  I think George Mueller thought the same so he lived a life of boldness and faith.  I think Chuck Smith thought the same so he lived a life of grace and love.  They loved God wholeheartedly, and served Him with their lives.  Oh, what a reward they must have today. 

Here is my point, maybe the rapture of God’s church wont take place in my lifetime, I don’t know.  This I DO KNOW…..The signs are there, the prophesies have been fulfilled, and I want my life to be of service to Him.  I want to live it like the rapture is taking place tomorrow.  I want to have boldness, I want to have zeal, and I want to love Him more than I ever have because today my salvation is nearer than when I first believed.

I pray God would light a fire in our hearts today, a love for Him like we have never experienced before. I pray we would live like He is calling us home tomorrow!

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