Between boys and mice, I could scream all day :)

Being a mom of boys, I often find myself gasping, then letting out a screaming “oohhhhhh no”.  Between overflowing the toilet, potty training, knocking over the Christmas tree, putting hot glue sticks on the top of my woodstove, pooping in the bathtub,  coloring your face with permanent marker, there are some days that I wish I could have a video camera set up just to see the reaction on my face when I realize that these things have happened.  Just to give you an idea of what I mean, all of these events took place in the past two days.  

I feel like my head is on backwards this week.  I have been running around (it feels like aimlessly) trying to get my last minute gifts ordered, party food purchased, school gifts taken care of.  I haven’t been thinking clearly because, well, I am thinking too much.  I have way too much going through my head at one time.  I bought a half gallon of ice cream for the kids, when it came time to eat it after dinner, I couldn’t find it.  That is a horrible feeling. I remember bringing in from the car, I just cant remember where I put it!  Imagine that thought…where is the half gallon of icecream, because  its not in the freezer! I found it later, in the refrigerator, melting away! 

So on to my mouse story….I had made a big pot of soup, and yep sure enough, it burned to the bottom of the pan. So I let it soak overnight.  The next day I went to wash the pan, it was covering the drain, and I just turned the hot water on to get myself ready to wash it.  The sink started filling up because the pan was blocking the drain, so when I picked up the pot and dumped it into the sink, I noticed the drain was clogged. Agh.  Great, I absolutely hate reaching my hand down and pulling out whatever it is that is clogging the drain. I usually make my husband unclog it. So I quickly reached my hand in and pulled something rather large out of the drain.  I held it up to see what it was, my brain wasn’t working at the moment so I didn’t react immediately.  Then I realized that it was a mouse! I let out the loudest scream that I ever could, if I had close neighbors, they would have called the police.  Have you ever seen the movie home alone? When the burglar gets a tarantula on his face and lets out a scream, that is exactly what I sounded like.  Head over here and watch this little scene and you’ll see what I’m talking about. 

Just wanted to give you a little Friday night laugh 🙂

Needless to say that this whole week is a blur.  TGIF=thank God its Friday, and Thank God I’m forgiven! Looking forward to a calm weekend 🙂



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