Bonding at Bed Time



Our bedtime routine is pretty much the same every night.  Devotionals, snuggles, prayers, kiss goodnight, followed by quiet time for Mom & Dad.


I was talking to my Mother-in-Law one day, and she said to be prepared for those times when your kids linger at bedtime…those times they aren’t quite ready to doze off.  She wasn’t trying to prepare me for their antics and sneaky ways of staying up, but for those moments of time when our kids are quiet, and they share their most intimate thoughts and what is in their hearts.  She said that those are the times, when they are alone and tucked safely and cozy in their beds, that they share the most with you.


I tend to want to rush my kids to bed to get some peace and quiet time, but I took her advice.  I lingered in their beds (really taking time), asking questions about their day, things that happened, and what’s going on with certain friends….and it happened.  They opened up and shared a ton!!   They asked questions about things they were wondering, talked about things that bothered them, and just shared happy times they enjoyed.  It’s a time they can meet with you one on one, have some snuggle time, and you get to see the inner most thoughts of their hearts.


Yes, it does take extra time, but it’s time you can never get back, time you will never regret, and a time for closeness and bonding.


Here are 1o benefits of bonding at bedtime:

1.  It helps you to stay close and connected to your children.

2.  It gives them a bond with you that might not otherwise be there.

3.  It gives them someone to turn to for those pondering questions.

4.  It gives them one on one time alone.

5.  It makes them feel important, special, and of course, loved.

6.  It helps give them a sense of security.

7.  It gives a time for teaching and encouragement.

8.  It prepares them to feel more comfortable opening up later on in life (dreaded teenage years) when those hard times come.

9.  It gives them a time to unload their burdens.

10.  It provides a time for a heart-check.


Our time with our precious little ones is fast and fleeting so take every moment you can to tap into their hearts, and keep a close bond.   Pray with them and for them.  It is one of the greatest gifts you can give them!!



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