My son Levi is almost 4.  He is hyper, crazy, and keeps me on my toes all the time.  He’s my littlest son (in size,not age) He’s always been little which is strange because the rest of my kids are off the charts with their height and weight.  He’s also always been the wild one! He does every crazy thing that you could imagine and he has no fear of anything or anyone. (not a good characteristic).  He’s always getting in trouble and being disciplined, yet he has this little smile that melts your heart.


So anyway, because he is  so small, he has had every test done imaginable to make sure he has no genetical problems.  I think he is so thin because he never ever stops moving, NEVER! He recently started complaining that his knees ached.  So we went to a few specialists and he ended up needing inserts for his shoes because his feet needed more support. This was causing the knee pain (or so they say…).  So he goes to a foot specialist and they cast his feet and make a mold that they sent out for his inserts.  We wait 6 weeks for the inserts to be done. Yesterday, we went back to the foot doctor to pick up his new inserts. They made these nice little camouflage inserts for him.  If you knew the price of these little inserts, your jaw would drop.  These inserts cost more than my mortgage payment.  Needless to say, I made sure that my son KNEW that he needed to take care of these inserts and not lose them. I made sure ALL of my kids knew that these were expensive and they were just for Levi and make sure they never remove them from his shoes.

So the thrill of his new inserts wore off about 30 seconds after he got them.  He said he didn’t like them and didn’t want them in his shoes anymore.  I had this long talk with him about why he needs to wear them and how much it will help him.  So as soon as we get back from the doctor, he takes his shoes off and puts on a pair of flip flops.  I put his sneakers back on and explained that he needs to wear his sneakers all the time or at least as much as possible.

Later on I see that he still has his sneakers on and I asked how his feet were feeling with his inserts, “good” he replied.  I was actually really impressed that he kept his sneakers on, so impressed that I had to ask “Levi, your inserts are still in your shoes, right?” His response “yep”  So for the rest of the afternoon we played outside, rode bikes, played a couple games and helped in the garden.  Perfect, he wasn’t complaining anymore about his shoes and he liked them. Or so I thought.

The boys were filthy from playing outside, so one by one I brought them all in and gave them a bath.  When it was Levi’s turn for the bath, he took his clothes and shoes off and I looked at his shoes….NO INSERTS.  Levi! Where are your shoe inserts? He said “I took them out after you put my sneakers on” Agh! Where are they, let’s remember these inserts were outrageously expensive! I see him walk out the front door, out behind the barn and over to the weeds.  He threw them down the hill into the weeds! Speechless! That’s what a lot of my day is! Speechless!

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  1. What an adventure! I can’t imagine trying to keep a little boy in shoe inserts. I hope he is able to get used to them, and that you can stay sane in the process!

  2. My so loses everything!! Glad oyu found them!

    • My kids lose everything too. When my oldest son was 4, we made cookies together and I took my wedding ring off and placed it on the window sill where we were baking. Later that day I went to put it back on…GONE! He and my 3 year old admitted to taking both of my rings and couldn’t remember where they put them. We called friends to help us and searched all night. We found one ring under my bed (he had been jumping on the bed) the other ring was missing for days. We called a man who had a metal detector and he came and searched our entire lawn (my son said he lost it in the yard). Then he said the cow licked it out of his hand. Finally after tears and toil, my husband flipped up our shag rug to check under it again and the ring flopped over on the rug.
      I have learned to put anything valuable in my own hiding place where my kids cant find it and lose it! BOYS!!!