I am never in awe of the destruction that boys can cause.  Having four of them has seasoned me in my child-raising quicker than I expected. Just wanted to share with you a few of my many memories from the past few weeks:

My son Levi is a quiet riot.  He is very quiet but is usually causing some crazy circumstance to come about in my house.  A few weeks ago he took the vent out from the back seat air conditioning/heating in my car.  I had no idea that the back vents and front vents are connected, and I had no idea that he took the vent out.  When we were driving down the road I turn the heat on full blast.  I sure got blasted.  Little tiny white styrofoam balls filled my car, my face, and my hair.  I pulled over because this high pitched squeeling sound came out of the vent.  After investigation, I found that little Levi pulled apart his stuffed animal and shoved all of the stuffing and Styrofoam into the back vent of my car, and it traveled through the front vent and into my face!! I just closed my eyes and said a prayer 🙂 LOL!

Yesterday Levi and I were walking outside, he was walking behind me and yells “Hey mom, CATCH!” I then felt something hit me in the back of the head.  I said “Levi don’t throw things at me” and we kept walking.  About 5 minutes later he said “Uhh, mom? That thing is still on your head”.  Normally I freak out when I feel something on my head, I have had bugs, bees, spiders, and the thought of anything being in my hair really bothers me.  So of course I swing my head around and feel around.  Oh what I found made my jaw drop to the ground……burdocks! He threw a huge ball of burdocks into my hair.  Swinging my head around, and having the wind blow really didn’t help.  I wanted to cry, and scream at the same time.  I could see the look on Levis face as he watched me panic.  Somehow, I laughed.  I laughed because I didn’t know what else to do.  Levi started to laugh with me.  I asked him later why he threw them in my hair and he let me know that he had no idea that they would stick in my hair, he wanted me to catch them.  One by one I picked each of them out, I did shed a few tears.  But when I look back it makes me laugh that this little squirt, Levi, manages to find trouble wherever he goes. 



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