Boys will be Boys!

vacation 4

My husband took some time a couple weeks ago to spend with our family before the school year crunch began.  (he is the principal at a private school) So each day we planned events.  We have been having a blast, and each summer as the boys get older, it gets even better because we are moving out of the baby stages.

I just wanted to share a few highlights with you….

1) We went to bounce it out on the day that it was raining outside, let me tell you, your kids would love this place.  They cant get out, they cant lost, you can just relax and watch them play.

vacation 1

2) We went to a play ground.  Let me explain this picture to you before you look at it…. I was trying to get pictures of each of my boys while they were on the swing.  Last summer I took pictures of them at the playground and I blew them up and hung them on my wall, they were super cute.  So I tried to do this again.  As I was trying to take Jacob’s picture, my son Benjamin we screaming that he was going to fall off the slide.  So I stopped to look at him (he was fine) and I went back to taking Jacob’s picture, well apparently I got a little too close and I snapped his picture right before he kicked me in the face!   This says it all……yes, that is his sneaker!!

vacation 3


3)The next day we decided to take them to this waterfall in Warsaw.  This waterfall is a secret amongst the locals there, and its beautiful.  It is quite a hike, but well worth it.  So when we got there, we were a little surprised to see the strong current of the water.  It had rained the night before so the water was high and it was running pretty fast.  We contemplated whether or not this would be a suitable idea with 4 kids.  So we strapped Benjamin on Justin’s back and headed up stream. We went super slow and we stopped a few times and reasoned amongst ourselves as to whether or not we should turn back.  We finally made it to the waterfall at the top, it was beautiful.  So when we headed back down stream we got to a slow part so we decided to go for a swim.  I am not a swimmer, especially in untreated water! So the boys swam, and all of a sudden Jacob started screaming that his shoe fell off.  I looked and it got caught in the current and was swept downstream.  Me, being too cheap to buy ANOTHER new pair of shoes this summer, I took off running downsteam to get it, as soon as I would catch up to his shoe, it would get caught in the water and be swept away again.  I could hear my husband burst out laughing because I know he was thinking I should just let the shoe go.  I fell a couple times, got soaked, and finally right as I was about to give up, I saw it sitting at the bottom of a little waterfall on top of a stick! Wow! I ran half way down the stream, slipped and slid the whole way, I couldn’t even see Justin or the kids anymore because I ran so far, but boy was I proud that I got that shoe! I saved the day for Jacob, and saved having to buy a new pair….or so I thought.  I finally got back to where Justin and the boys were, with a big smile I yelled “Jacob! I got it!!!!” He responded with “Mom did you get my other one too?” The look on my face at that moment was probably worth a million dollars! He lost the other shoe while I was chasing that one.  REALLY!?!?

We had a great time, I think I laughed for most of our vacation.  These little squirts sure do keep me busy.  Right before I started this post, the boys were all working on their school book work to stay ahead for the summer.  Levi was supposed to be cutting out circles with his scissors but instead he came in with a handful of HAIR!!!

vacation 2

 I sure do love ’em though 🙂




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  1. Julie Seeber says:

    Levi makes the BEST faces! I was thinking about the sneaker that you were chasing….. was it the same one that you got
    kicked in the face with? You guys have the funniest adventures. Thanks for the story and the pictures really enjoyed them.
    You should teach your mom how to access your website….she would get a kick out of it. love ya.!

    • Julie, He sure does make some funny faces. That is the face he makes when I tell him to smile! Those were different sneakers that I got kicked with 🙂 As you know, boys keep you on your toes. Especially now that the older 2 are in school, I spend a lot of the day just laughing at the stuff Levi says to me.