My friend Samantha ( who has 2 girls) was telling me last night that I could write a book about my crazy life with boys, so Sam this post is FOR YOU!

So first of all, we got a puppy.  Never did I realize that having a puppy was equivalent to having a 5th child! This dog poops and pees way more than it eats and drinks, I don’t know where it all comes from but it is a potty machine!!  So every 15 minutes I’m outside with the dog and its usually biting my toes as I’m waiting for her to go to the bathroom.  So as I come in from that potty nightmare, I walked into a major potty nightmare.  My son Levi missed the toilet, completely (I was going to take a picture but I thought I’d just let you use your imagination).  So anyway, he happily leaves the bathroom and I’m stuck inside cleaning up the disaster that happened.  He is notorious for having catastrophes in the bathroom and everyone walks away scratching their heads and trying to figure out what happened.  It was one of those moments for me, and I often have moments like that.  I’m convinced that it’s because I have boys!

So I put a movie on in the room right next to the bathroom so that I could keep an eye on these little ducks while I cleaned up my bathroom.  Much to my surprise, I had not heard a sound from my kids.  I assumed they were quietly watching the movie.  I should have known! Benjamin is what I like to call a “quiet riot”.  He doesn’t make a sound as he is creating a disaster.  And this is what I came out of the bathroom to find………….are you ready……….look at this little rascal……………ben2That’s my new flour bin! He thought he’d test it out.

ben 1Quiet Riot!

ben4I took my coil out to check, and sure enough he filled my stove.

And did you wonder how in the world he got up on the counter? I’ll show you….

ben3He pulled the drawers out and climbed up them!

New lesson…..Benjamin has to be in my eyesight no matter what I am doing.  I cant leave him alone for a second! Off to the tub we go!!  Does this happen with girls? I’m just curious if any of you mommies who have girls experience this craziness? I like excitement, so I am convinced that God gave me boys for that reason!

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