Calling all Wegmans shoppers, get this awesome deal! Saved 80%, you can too!

I went to venture out to wegmans and walmart today to do one last shopping trip while I was running errands.  I got the kids all in the car, got the dog in the house, got my shopping list, my coupons, my errands list, my freezer shopping bags, doubled checked to make sure I had everything, hopped in the car, turned the key….NOTHING! Agh! I remember my son asking me last night if he could go out to the car and check for one of his toys. Yep, sure enough he left the light on.  Don’t you love when the day starts like that? I guess it could be worse right.  Anyway, my shopping trip savings cheered me up! I went to Wegmans and scored some awesome deals.  Most of these were from printable coupons, you can do it too! Here’s what I got…wegmans trip



Buy 2 Simply Lemonade $2.99 each
Use (2) $0.75 coupon here (doubled)
Final Price $1.49 each

Buy 2 Utz potato chips $2.50 each  (These are the family size bags!)
Use (2) $0.75 coupon here (doubled) Type in zip code 30044
Final Price $1 per bag!

Buy 2 Barilla Italian Entrees $1.99 each
Use (2) $.75 off coupon here (doubled)
Final Price $0.49 each

Buy 2 Pampers wipes $1.69 (even if you don’t have a baby, save these for a baby shower gift)
Use (2) $0.50 off coupon here (doubled)
Final Price $0.69

Buy 2 Old Spice deodorant $0.99
Use (2) $0.50 off old spice coupon (doubled)
Final Price=FREE

Buy 2 Herbal essence (These were a great deal because they also came with an attached little bottle of conditioner) $1.99
Use $0.75 off coupon here (doubled)
Final Price=$0.49

Oral B glide dental floss $1.99
Use $0.55 off coupon here (doubled)
Final Price $0.89

Revlon eye shadow $2.69
I used $2 off Revlon coupon (no longer available
Final Price $0.69 each

wegmans bag
Tote bag $17.99
Use wegmans peel off coupon for FREE TOTE WHEN YOU BUY 2 REVLON PRODUCTS
Final Price=FREE

Even if you didn’t get the coupon for the Revlon eye makeup, you could also get this deal…
Buy 2 Revlon Nail polish $2.69
Use (2) $1.00 off coupon here
Final Price $1.69 each PLUS THE FREE TOTE!!

Cheerios Honey nut medely $2
Use (2) $0.50 off coupon here (doubled)
or use $0.60 off coupon here (doubled)
Final Price $0.80-$1 per box!

North Star popsicles $0.99
Print coupon here for $0.50 off (I was not expecting this coupon to double, however in the register it did)
Final cost=FREE

Pillbury brownie mix -$.89
I did not have a coupon for these but they are on sale for only $0.89 per box which is an awesome price so I stocked up 🙂

Plum organics toddler food $1.39 each
Use $0.75 coupon here type in zip code 19202, you can also get 2 more by typing in zip code 02151, or try 77077
Final Price=FREE

I also stopped at Walmart and got this deal

Bought 6 BIC soleil razors $3.47 each
Used (6) $3 off coupons from 4/27 SS
Final price=$0.47 each

Rayovac Batteries $2.97
Use $3 off coupon here (click on coupons, find the rayovac coupon and unlock they keys, they explain how, its easy)
Final Price=FREE

So my total at both stores before coupons $107.69

Coupon and card savings $86.66

Final Price for everything $21.03

Savings 80%

You can do this too.  One trick I learned with Wegmans shopping…if it’s an item that is not common, for example on my trip the barilla Italian entrees, you can go to put in your zipcode to see if your wegmans carries the product that you are looking for AND it tells you what aisle it’s in.  I thought the Italian entrees were frozen entrees from looking at the coupon.  Nope, told me what aisle they were in and I wouldn’t have found them otherwise.  So get your printer going, print these coupons and start saving!!






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