Camping this summer?

Last year we took a camping trip with my brother’s family and my in-laws.  Let me remind you that I have 4 boys, my oldest is only 6.  So anything that entails leaving my house becomes crazy, insane,  interesting.  So when it comes to vacationing, we have to look for something KID PROOF! You see, boys are not like girls, mine surely aren’t! I have nieces, and they sit and color pictures with their crayons. My boys break and eat the crayons and make catapults and shoot them at the wall! So as you can imagine, we need a vacation spot that is SUPER DUPER KID PROOF!

Last year we went to Jellystone Park, you can check it out here.  It is definitely a kid proof camp ground, and not only that, the focus is completely on the kids.  There are so many activities for them throughout the day.  The park was under new management so it was  really clean and inviting.

You can rent campsites, cabins, or trailers.  I was really looking forward to a cabin, but my husband is a major outdoorsman, so he talked me into tent camping….with 4 boys and 2 adults in a 4 person tent, with a baby, and a crib.  Yep, we took our portable crib and crammed into a 4 person tent.  And we had a blast.  One night, it poured rain.  I don’t just mean poured, I mean like hail storm, wouldn’t step foot outside of your house type of rain, and we were in a tent. A Small tent!

But, we still had a blast.  My kids keep asking about going back this year.  I just noticed on Jellystone’s website that they are having a special in the month of June for buy 3 nights for the price of 2.  I really recommend this to anyone that has young kids. My kids loved it!  And I found a few good sales at on camping gear.

Ozark Trail Tundra Plus 9-person 3 Room Dome Tent

This tent is originally $297.97 and on clearance for $144.
Looks like the perfect size for my kids!

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