Cantaloupe Vanilla Bean Jam…Oh, my!

cantaloupe jam 

I had some extra cantaloupes that were starting to get a little too ripe so I decided to make jam with them.  This jam is beyond words, if you like cantaloupe you will LOVE this jam! It is super easy to make too!  Here is the recipe:

Cantaloupe Vanilla Bean Jam

5 cups of cantaloupe (1 large cantaloupe or 2 small)
3 cups sugar
1 vanilla bean
2/3 cup all natural dutch gel (pectin) or 2 packets of regular pectin
1 teaspoon margarine (to stop foaming)

1)Remove skin and seeds from cantaloupe, chop or blend 5 cups of cantaloupe
2)Pour into pan, add sugar.
3)Slice vanilla bean down the middle (long way) and scrape vanilla beans into pan.  Then place the entire bean into the pan and bring to a boil
4)Remove and discard the vanilla bean pod
5) Add pectin or dutch gel
6)Add margarine, bring to a boil and stir frequently for 3 minutes.
7)Ladle into jars and process in canner for 10 minutes.


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