Learn what coupon abbreviations mean

When I first started couponing, I would see all these abbreviations like SS, OOP, RP and had NO idea what they meant! Here is a quick and easy list of coupon abbreviations. You’ll see a lot of these on our site and in our posts.






SS-Smartsource insert
RP-Redplum insert
PG-Proctor & Gamble Insert
GM-General Mills insert (rare)


OOP-Out of pocket, this is the money that you will pay out of your pocket for an item. This is the price prior to any rewards you may get

OYNO-On your next order. This is usually referred to when talking about a catalina coupon.

CAT or CATALINA-These are coupons that print from the register after you checkout, they can be used on future purchases.

BOGO-Buy one get one free

B1G1-Buy one get one free

YMMV-Your mileage may vary. This means the prices and deals may be different based on your store.

Stacking coupons-When you use a manufacturer coupon “stacked” with a store coupon. Stores such as Rite Aid and Target allow you to stack coupons and usually you can score a great deal.

MC,MF, MQ- These are all lingos used to describe manufacturer coupons