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*Arby’s – FREE Birthday Shake

*Auntie Anne’s Pretzels – FREE Birthday Pretzel

*Barnes & Noble – FREE Kids Cupcake

*Baskin Robbins – FREE 2.5 oz Scoop of Ice Cream

*Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop – FREE Ice Cream

*Bob Evans – FREE Kid Meal

*The Body Shop – FREE $10 Birthday Reward

*Bonefish Grill – FREE Birthday Appetizer or Dessert

*Boston Market – FREE Dessert

*Bruegger’s – FREE Birthday Bagel & Cream Cheese

*Buffalo Wild Wings – FREE Dessert

*Burger King – FREE kid’s meal

*Carrabba’s Italian Grill FREE Appetizer

*Carvel’s – FREE Ice Cream

*The Cheesecake Factory – FREE Birthday Mini Hot Fudge Sundae

*Chili’s FREE Birthday Brownie Sundae

*Chuck E. Cheese’s – FREE Birthday Tokens

*Cinemark Theaters – FREE Birthday Popcorn

*Cinnabon – FREE random Cinnabon Birthday Treat

*Coldstone Creamery – FREE Ice Cream Creation

*Cracker Barrel FREE Dessert

* CVS – FREE $3 ExtraBucks Rewards

*Chili’s – Join the email club at chilis.com to get an order of chips and queso.

*Dairy Queen – FREE Birthday Blizzard

*Del Taco – Join the Raving Fan eClub at deltaco.com and get 2 grilled chicken tacos at sign-up, plus a shake on your birthday

*Denny’s – Show your ID on your birthday and get an Original Grand Slam meal (can get it to go too!)• Denver Zoo – FREE Zoo Admission

Dippin’ Dots – FREE Birthday Ice Cream

Disney Movie Rewards – FREE Birthday Reward Points

*DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse – FREE $5 Birthday Certificate

*Dunkin’ Donuts – Add your name to the Dunkin’ Donuts UpDDates email list at dunkindonuts.com and get a beverage at sign-up and on your birthday.

*Friendly’s – FREE Birthday Ice Cream

Fuddruckers – FREE Worlds Greatest Burger

* Godiva Chocolatier FREE $10 Birthday Reward

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* Longhorn Steakhouse – FREE Birthday Dessert

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Ponderosa Steakhouse – FREE Steak Dinner

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Things people have said to me in the grocery store…..


I recently read an article about things people say to moms with lots of kids in the grocery store. So I thought I’d share some of the “wisdom” people have passed to me in the grocery store.  I have 4 boys under age 7.  When I take these kiddos shopping, I get some stares, glares, and shocked looks.  What people say to me is actually more shocking.  As if I dont know that I have 4 boys, as if I dont realize where children come from, and as if I dont know that my life is a little crazy.  Yes people, I realize these things but thanks for reminding me!  

1) “Wow, you must have your hands full.”
Really? What would make you say that? Is it because my son just tipped over the entire magazine rack or because my other son is riding the side of the grocery cart like it’s a bull?  Trust me, I know my hands are full!

2)”Dont worry, boys are easier”
Easier? I have been to the emergency room more times than I can count.  My kids have flushed more things down the toilet and overflowed it more times than I can even remember.  Tell me what’s easy about it, please!

3)”Are you going to try for a girl?”
I cant tell you how often people ask me this question.  Am I going to try what? How would I “try” for a girl? The boldness of this question makes me automatically spit out the word “NO!” as fast as I can.   I have 4 boys, do I need a girl!?! What do you think I’m nuts or something!

4)”Boys are less dramatic”
Tell that to my crying 6 year old who cant stop crying because his brother lost the cap to his juice. Or tell that to my 7 year old who is having a fit because his brother took apart his lego tower. Trust me, my life is full of drama!

5)”I bet those boys treat their momma like a queen”
I have been shot with more Nerf darts than you can imagine.  I have been peed on, pooped on, thrown up on, farted on.  I have become a professional wrestler, fort maker, castle builder, and warrior. Is that how queens are treated?

7)”The sad thing about boys is that when they get married, they usually leave and never call you again.  But you’ll probably be happy because then you’ll finally have some peace and quiet”
A woman seriously said this to me, Ummm, having my kids never call me again….that’s something Ill be looking forward to…?….. Not! Thanks a lot lady!

8)”How do you do it?” 
I just close my eyes and pray for the best!

9)It’s ok, little boys love their mommas”
And….Little girls don’t?

10) “Are they Ok doing that?”
Doing what? Punching each other? Or Eating all of the food in my cart before I get to the register? 

Now let me be clear, my boys are not disrespectful, they dont disobey me (too much) in the grocery store.  They are just little boys.  Their lives revolve around what they can break, eat, and play with.  That is all that they think about.  I love them to pieces.  So if you see me at the grocery store, please know that I’ve got it under control even though it may look crazy to you! (and everyone else) 😉


40 Things Moms of Boys Might Say


I have 4 boys under the age of 7.  I have 7 nieces that I see every week though, and I find that the things I say to my boys, I would never have to say to my nieces.  Moms of boys, do you find yourself saying any of these things?

1) Don’t eat that!!
2) What smells?
3) Don’t flush that down the toilet!
4) Stop hitting your brother!
5) Why did you break this?
6) Who locked this door?
7) Stop riding the dog!
8) Please stop wrestling!
9) Don’t lick the windows!
10) Did you flush the toilet?
11) Who peed on the floor?
12) The fridge is open!
13) Don’t climb on that!
14) Get off of his head!
15) Where are your socks?
16) Did you do this?
17) Stop dragging him around!
18) Who dumped this out?
19) Please get down off of that!
20) Please don’t burp again!
21) Don’t feed that to the dog!
23) Please don’t put your hands in your pants!
24) Who licked this?
25) Did you brush your teeth? With toothpaste?
26) We just ate dinner!
27) Please put clean underwear on!
28) Don’t draw on that!
29) Stop eating the crayons!
30) Did you hurt him?
31) You peed where?
32) No you can’t break that!
33) Why is the floor wet?
34) Who ate all of these?
35) Please wash your hands!
36) Why is your hair all sticky?
37) Don’t run!
38) You need a coat!
39) Where are your shoes?
40) Please stop farting!

Ladies, am I the only mom saying these things? Please tell me that you can relate!!

Book Recommendation!!!!

I finished reading this book.  I received it as a Christmas gift from my husband, and I wrote about it last month after I received it because I just couldnt put it down…. I have since finished the book and wanted to share it with all of you because it is one of the best books I have ever read.  Amazing.  Now, you may think that it is about marriage based on the title, but it goes so far beyond that into the eternal.  I loved it and I highly recommend it to any christian, married or not.

You and Me Forever: Marriage in Light of Eternity – Was $15.99 Now $12.82!!

Raising boys!

Lots of times I have people ask me to write about more of my boy stories.  I have so many crazy stories that often times I wonder if my life is normal…or…not.  Honestly, when you have 4 boys that were all born within 4 years, life gets crazyout of control, fun! 🙂 Even when my older 2 are at school, there is literally NEVER a dull moment. Not. Ever. So you wanted to hear some stories, here they are….

 Well Benjamin is potty training, really the story could end there because any moms reading this know exactly how crazy potty training is. But he is quite the little trouble maker.  I am not a very good potty training mommy, so my potty training consists of sitting them on the toilet with some books and toys every 10 minutes. My bathroom is right off of my kitchen so as I was washing dishes I was talking to Benjamin as he was sitting on the potty.  Little did I know that he was sneakily unrolling the entire roll of toilet paper into the toilet behind him, then he flushed it.  And do you think it went down? Of course not, because my day wouldnt be normal if it just flushed right down.  No, it overflowed everywhere! 

OK, on to story number 2…..

My little man Jacob loves balloons.  He “found” $5 in an old wallet that was in his toy box so I told him I would take him to the store to pick out a few things.  That money was burning a hole in his pocket! When we got to the store, he quickly led me to the toy aisle, as if I had forgotten when it was.   So he picked out a few packs of candy and a pack of balloons.  When we got home, he went to the bathroom, then to his room.  For any of you who havent heard the stories about his room, he has quite the little sanctuary up there.  In fact, the sanctuary is under his bed.  He lines pillows along the side under his bed so that his brothers wont notice what he has going on under there.  His bed is up against the wall, so along the wall he has a gazillion Lego figures and army guys set up, yes each one of them is perfectly standing up.  In front of them he has a picture that he drew of them along with each of their names.  He has each little paper cut perfectly and sitting in front of each guy.  He literally has ten different containers under there with extra lego pieces, cars, or any other toy that he wants to reserve and protect from his brothers.  Next to the lego guys he has his food storage (which I did not know about) until I noticed that a lot of items in my snack cupboard were missing.  I also found his “garbage” which consisted of apple cores, orange peels, candy wrappers and such.  It is quite the little set up that he has created for himself.  I call it his “little man cave.” So I figured he was just up playing in his man cave but little did I know……as I was vacuuming the bottom of our stairs, I felt something hit me and then splash all over my face, I screamed.  Really loud.  I shut off the vacuum as I was confused as to what had happened.  When I looked up I saw Jacob and Levi standing at the top of the stairs laughing as they held an armful of water balloons.  “Sorry mom, I didnt mean to hit you, I thought it would just hit the floor”  OK, so at what point would it even be OK to throw water balloons down the stairs onto the floor, let alone hitting your poor mother in the face with one….? Can anyone answer that for me?  

Ok, and onto story #3….

We had a snow day at school today, my 3 older boys were upstairs playing with Legos as Benjamin and I were preparing lunch.  I heard a lot of laughing and screaming, I ran up to see what they were doing.  The room was filled with snow.  They all were wearing nothing but underwear, making snowballs and rolling in the snow.  Oh. My. Goodness.  It was a snow storm outside, and the drifts outside their window were huge.  They opened with window and found that the snow was blowing right in because it was snowing and blowing so hard.  So then they had a wonderful idea to take their clothes off and make snowballs, and roll in it……? 

Moms of boys, we must agree to unite together in prayer!!!!!! 🙂


50 Free Things to do with Your Family This Winter

50 free winter 


Living in New York certainly has it’s benefits, but sometimes the winters can be looong and co-o-old!  Here are some fun and quirky ideas, that are totally FREE, that you can enjoy with your family this winter!


  1. Take advantage of community activities and festivals
    1. Winter Fests
    2. Home Depot/Lowes Build a Project
    3. Library/Village/Town Activities
  2. Go to the Library
  3. Visit grandparents
  4. Visit friends
  5. Invite cousins over for a “cousins camp”
  6. Check the internet for free admissions to museums
  7. Start on those indoor projects (paint, clean out drawers, organize closets)
  8. Read a book, or start a family book to read aloud to each other
  9. Play dress up with your kids
  10. Make a bucket list of things you want to do this summer
  11. Have a date night with your spouse at home and have your children make and serve you dinner
  12. Create an obstacle course and take turns going through
  13. Play charades 
  14. Bake!  Cookies, cupcakes, and pies, oh my!
  15. Play indoor basketball with a wastebasket
  16. Have a treasure or scavenger hunt around the house
  17. Break out the crafts and make cards to send to the troops oversees, college students, missionaries, or to a sick friend or relative
  18. Clean out your closet and sell or donate those unwanted clothes
  19. Get out your “special” dishes and have a fancy dinner
  20. Rearrange your furniture and redecorate
  21. Make a fort with your kids
  22. Build a Lego creation
  23. Create a family menu and eat at home
  24. Make a family dinner, having everyone work together on it
  25. Go sledding 
  26. Build a snowman family 
  27. Make a snow fort
  28. Go hiking or for a walk
  29. Have an ice cream social and create your own sundaes with toppings from your pantry
  30. Make milkshakes or smoothies for a sweet treat
  31. Have a family board game night
  32. Have Nerf guns?  Play war 
  33. Don’t have Nerf guns?  Roll up socks and have an indoor snowball fight…watch the lamps
  34. Raid your pantry and have snacks/appetizers for dinner with your findings
  35. Watch a movie at home – Don’t forget the popcorn
  36. Have a video game challenge night
  37. Have an indoor campout in the living room
  38. Make soup
  39. Work together to get some freezer meals done
  40. Turn off all the lights and electronics and only use flashlights and candles and tell stories
  41. Set up an indoor yard sale and invite friends over to “shop”
  42. Get out the drawing pad and sketch the winter landscape, make self portraits, or draw each other.  Then, have an art show around the house
  43. Scour the internet for freebies and use around town for a freebie fun day
  44. Have a spa day and pamper each other at home
  45. Make snowflakes or winter crafts and decorate for winter
  46. Go Homemade…make homemade soaps, scrubs, cleaners, etc.  
  47. Play Minute to Win It with things you find around the house
  48. Have Family Olympics and see who can do the most push ups, sit ups, squats, etc.
  49. Rummage through those closets for old T-shirts and permanent/fabric markers and have fun decorating them
  50. Family Fun Day…have your kids come up with fun ideas, write them down, and put in a jar.  Take turns picking out of the jar until each member has picked a fun thing to do and do them ALL!  


Most of all, make memories!!  Time goes by so fast and life gets busy, but these are all the fun things your kids will remember!  


We’d love to hear your ideas, even if they aren’t free!  We always like new ideas to do with our families!



Between boys and mice, I could scream all day :)

Being a mom of boys, I often find myself gasping, then letting out a screaming “oohhhhhh no”.  Between overflowing the toilet, potty training, knocking over the Christmas tree, putting hot glue sticks on the top of my woodstove, pooping in the bathtub,  coloring your face with permanent marker, there are some days that I wish I could have a video camera set up just to see the reaction on my face when I realize that these things have happened.  Just to give you an idea of what I mean, all of these events took place in the past two days.  

I feel like my head is on backwards this week.  I have been running around (it feels like aimlessly) trying to get my last minute gifts ordered, party food purchased, school gifts taken care of.  I haven’t been thinking clearly because, well, I am thinking too much.  I have way too much going through my head at one time.  I bought a half gallon of ice cream for the kids, when it came time to eat it after dinner, I couldn’t find it.  That is a horrible feeling. I remember bringing in from the car, I just cant remember where I put it!  Imagine that thought…where is the half gallon of icecream, because  its not in the freezer! I found it later, in the refrigerator, melting away! 

So on to my mouse story….I had made a big pot of soup, and yep sure enough, it burned to the bottom of the pan. So I let it soak overnight.  The next day I went to wash the pan, it was covering the drain, and I just turned the hot water on to get myself ready to wash it.  The sink started filling up because the pan was blocking the drain, so when I picked up the pot and dumped it into the sink, I noticed the drain was clogged. Agh.  Great, I absolutely hate reaching my hand down and pulling out whatever it is that is clogging the drain. I usually make my husband unclog it. So I quickly reached my hand in and pulled something rather large out of the drain.  I held it up to see what it was, my brain wasn’t working at the moment so I didn’t react immediately.  Then I realized that it was a mouse! I let out the loudest scream that I ever could, if I had close neighbors, they would have called the police.  Have you ever seen the movie home alone? When the burglar gets a tarantula on his face and lets out a scream, that is exactly what I sounded like.  Head over here and watch this little scene and you’ll see what I’m talking about. 

Just wanted to give you a little Friday night laugh 🙂

Needless to say that this whole week is a blur.  TGIF=thank God its Friday, and Thank God I’m forgiven! Looking forward to a calm weekend 🙂



A shout out to my sweet brother, just for trying!

I just had to give a shout out to my brother.  We had a ladies Christmas party at church last night, while we were gone he stayed home with the kids. Here is his attempt at cake pops.  Let’s just say, he NAILED IT! 🙂


Help your kids make money online with Kidzeyes


My kids recently joined Kidzeyes.com. Kidzeyes is an online survey site for kids ages 6-12.  Your kids don’t need an email account to sign up, and you can be the overseer of their account.  My two oldest boys both received $5 in their account just for signing up.  Each month they receive 1-2 surveys. My kids’ surveys so far have been about lunchables and different food items that kids would eat. They can get a payout once their account reaches $10.  It’s a great way for them to earn a little cash! Click here for more info.