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7 Question Purchasing Checklist






We are always looking for ways to find the best prices and greatest values on items we purchase.  I have to admit, some of my purchases are impulse buys, and I found myself wasting money each time!


Here is a quick 7 question checklist to ask yourself and keep yourself accountable on your purchases, keep your budget on track, and help you save money.


7 Question Purchasing Checklist


1. Do I really need it, or do I have something else I can use?

2. Can I afford it?

3. Did I budget for it?

4. Did I do my research, and find the best price or greatest value?

5.  Am I being frugal or impulsive?

6 . Is there something else I need the money for?

7.  Am I going to regret this?


By using this checklist, you can be mindful and make conscious decisions when making purchases, especially big ones!


Don’t forget to take this list with you when you shop!

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