SavingStar Friday Freebie

Friday Freebie Quaker Oatmeal Cup Coupon

Head over to SavingStar for your Friday Freebie.  Each Friday you get something Free by simply activating the coupon in your account and going to the store to buy it.  You get 100% cash back in your SavingStar account and you then can cash it in for money or giftcards.  Today’s freebie is quaker oatmeal.

SavingStar healthy Tuesday offer

Healthy Offer of the Week Mangoes

If you haven’t signed up for SavingStar, I highly recommend it.  Each Tuesday you get a healthy offer and each Friday you get a freebie.  Yep, something completely free.  You simply head over here to sign up, put in your store cards and choose your savings.  They do the rest! Your money goes into an account that you can cash in for either a gift card or cash. Todays healthy offer is mangoes.

Lots new SavingStar coupons and great matchups

SavingStar has lots of new coupons this week.  Here is the best part….there are already lots of great general mills sales this week, plus coupons in the paper and on, match these with the SavingStar coupons and you have some awesome deals! If you don’t have a SavingStar account yet, just head over to sign up, activate your coupons and head to the store! You’ll love it, you will receive money back into your account that you can either cash in for gift cards or you can transfer it to your paypal account.

Yoplait Kids Coupon

Chex Mix Coupon

Lucky Charms Cereal

Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad Coupon

General Mills Fruit Snacks Coupon



Friday Freebie Hunts Tomato Paste Coupon

Head on over to your SavingStar account where you can score this freebie today!!  Every Friday you can score a freebie.  If you don’t have an account, it is super easy to sign up.  You simply join here , choose which offers you would like to save on, add your store cards and just go shopping!! Who doesn’t like FREE??


SavingStar Healthy offer

Healthy Offer of the Week Tomatoes

Head over to SavingStar and sign in or sign up for an account.  Each Tuesday there is a new healthy offer, and each Friday you’ll get a freebie.  Todays healthy offer is for tomatoes.  Save 20% on tomatoes! Head over here to sign up and start saving! Simply sign up, pick what you want to save on and start shopping. It’s super easy.

Friday Freebie From SavingStar

Friday Freebie JELL-O Coupon

Did you login to your SavingStar account to get your Friday Freebie this week?  This weeks freebie is jello. That’s right, every Friday you get a freebie! Its super easy to sign up. Head over here to SavingStar, create your account and start saving!

This weeks Healthy offer from SavingStar

If you haven’t signed up for SavingStar yet, you can head over to SavingStar Signup page for any of you not familiar with SavingStar, you can get online offers each week.  You simply sign up, choose your offers, add your store cards and start shopping.  The best part… You can score a Freebie every Friday.  Yes, you will get 100% cash back on an item every Friday.  And since today is Tuesday, you will get a healthy offer.  This week’s healthy offer is corn. Save 20% on loose ears of corn this week.

Be sure to get your Friday Freebie from SavingStar

Today’s Friday Freebie: Ajax dish soap

Ajax Friday Freebie Coupon

If you haven’t signed up for SavingStar yet, you really need to.  Mainly because you are missing out on all of the Friday Freebies!! Every week SavingStar offers a Healthy offer on Tuesday and a FREE offer on Friday, yep its completely FREE.  Here’s how it works:

1) Head over to SavingStar signup page and sign yourself up for an account.

2) Add your store loyalty cards, (rite aid, tops, wegmans etc.)

3) Clip the coupons you want

4) Go shopping!!

5) That’s all, SavingStar receives the info from the store if you make a purchase that’s on the list of your clipped coupons.  The money goes into your account and you can cash out once you have $5.

You have $7.58 in your account. Pick your payout  -This is what I have earned just for getting my Friday Freebies for a few weeks.  It adds up quick, plus there are lots of other great offers. Make sure you sign up today so that you can clip your freebie before it expires!!

Don’t forget your Friday Freebie from SavingStar

Head over to SavingStar where every Friday you can get a FREE item.  SavingStar is super easy and you are rewarded just for buying products.  Every Tuesday you get a new healthy offer, and every Friday you get a freebie.  Make sure you head over to your account  and either sign up or sign in to get this Freebie: Blueberry muffin mix!

Jiffy® Blueberry Muffin Mix Coupon

$1.00 off Birdseye Recipe Ready coupon in Savingstar

Head over to your SavingStar account where you can clip this coupon for $1.00 off Birdseye Recipe Ready item.  This should make a cheap or FREE item at the grocery store, make sure you clip yours before you go!

Not familiar with SavingStar? You simply add your loyalty card, clip your coupons online and just shop, you’ll get cash back into your account for your purchases.  AND every Friday you’ll get a freebie.  Yep you’ll get 100% cash back for your Friday Freebie.  Head over to SavingStar to sign up, it’s FREE and easy!


Save $1.00 on ONE (1) Birds Eye® Recipe Ready item. Cut, sliced & Diced veggies, so the prep is done for you!

birds eye



While you are there, add this great Heinz deal:


Save $5.00 when you spend $20.00 on Heinz® products.