Caught Him Red handed…Literally

Yesterday morning, My little rascal Ben was supposed to be sleeping.  I check him. Yep. Snoring. Loudly. So I snuck downstairs to get some much needed reading and quiet time.  Then I went outside to take the dog out, clean up the porch a little while the kiddos were still sleeping.  I fed the animals, walked around my house looking at my lawn and gardens.  When I came in this is what I found.


He crawled out of his crib, down the stairs, and up his set of stairs (my drawers that he pulls out and makes into stairs so that he can climb onto my counter) He went into my spice cupboard and took out my red and blue sugared sprinkles.  Both hands were covered, and there was a red ring around his mouth.   He dumped some of them into my sugar canister, some into my drawers, some into my stove coils, and some on the floor. I looked and screamed “Benjamin!” he smiled and held out his hands and said “what?” Ohhhh and I wonder why my hair is turning gray when I’m 30!

Speaking of gray hair, last night I was reading a Bible story to my kiddos and it talked about how God makes each person special.  Some with freckles and some with dimples, etc.  My son asked what dimples were.  I told him them are little indents in your cheeks that appear when you smile.  I showed him on the little boy in the picture in his book.   He said lets see if you have any mom. I smiled.  “Nope, you don’t really have them on your cheeks just on the sides of your mouth and the sides of your eyes”…..I thought for a second.  Show me where Buddy. He pointed to my WRINKLES!!! yes WRINKLES! NOT DIMPLES, BUT WRINKLES!!!! These little whippersnappers are giving me more wrinkles and gray hair than I ever expected! But, I remember a pastor once saying, if you don’t have wrinkles its because you haven’t smiled enough!! I give my wrinkles credit to my sense of humor, not the fact that I’m getting old. 🙂

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  1. Great story! I love your optimistic look on aging:) Our kids can give us our wrinkles and gray hair, but as you say, hopefully the wrinkles are just from us smiling because of our kids.

    • Marissa says:

      Just a few months ago I was getting ready and it looked like I had gray hairs on the top of my head. I went over and asked my husband “are those gray hairs”? He looked and said nope I think they’re just blonde hairs that are shimmering because of the light. Lol! Yep they were gray!
      Im sure you have some good mommy stories too 🙂

  2. Julie Seeber says:

    I remember when I was about your age, I didn’t have any children yet, but I did have lots of NEICES AND NEPHEWS. Anyway,
    I was sitting down at the kitchen table and one of them sat on my lap, kind of fixing my hair, checking my ears and suddenly
    they noticed my teeth and exclaimed with great joy, Aunt Julie , your teeth look yellow. Yes, thank you little one for finding
    great pleasure in my infirmities. Anyway, I think that my beat the wrinkle situation, or at least tie it. (Ha ha!!!)

    • Marissa says:

      Julie, was that little kid me? LOL. I can picture myself saying that when I was little! I love when my kids notice weird things. I promised my kids that we could go through McDonalds the other day, and the woman working there had a set of lips tattooed on her neck. As soon as I pulled up, Levi rolled his window down. I was waiting for my change and I looked at him in the mirror, I wish I rolled his window up. I saw him starring and of course he blurts out “why do you have that thing on your neck!!!!” Sometimes I wish I could just pretend like I was babysitting and I don’t know why these naughty kids would say such things!