Chicken and Mushroom Teriyaki Recipe-from this weeks meal plan



I make this chicken all the time because it’s super simple, low in fat, and DELISH! I listed this in this weeks Meal plan found here

Here’s what you need:
2 chicken breasts
1 package mushrooms
1 medium onion
Teriyaki sauce (I buy from wegmans, but you can use any brand.  Its found in the marinade section)

Pound out chicken.  I never used to pound out my chicken but TRUST ME it is so much better when you pound it out! Anyway, pound it out and cut into cubes or strips.  Put a little teriyaki in the bottom of a pan, sautee chicken, mushroom and onions in the teriyaki sauce.  When I say sautee I mean cook it on high at first so it browns the sides of the chicken, then turn it down so it cooks slowly.  Add more teriyaki. Cook until chicken is done.   Serve over rice, ENJOY! Told ya, super simple!

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