Create a Happy & Functional Homework Environment

homework station 

Homework is probably not your child’s favorite thing to do, but it is something they need to do.  You can help your child create a fun and functional homework station that can help things run smoothly.  


When your child is sitting at the homework station, they know it’s time to get busy!  I have three children, and they know when one is doing homework, he/she is not to be disturbed until they are done.  It helps to keep kids focused on the task at hand, and not distracted by the many other things they could be doing.  


Pick a spot that is quiet and out of the spotlight of play activities going on by their siblings.  Just be sure it has a writing surface.  A desk in their room, the kitchen table, or dining room table will work just fine.  Sitting up makes your child more alert and helps them to stay focused.  If your child is easily distracted, pick a quiet place with not a lot of action going on.  You can even create a mini cubicle with poster board or card board.  


Set it up.  Make sure there is good lighting.  Add a lamp to a desk or table if necessary.  Make sure your child is sitting up in his or her chair.  Good posture helps keep your child alert.  Make sure there is enough room for books to be open, notebooks to be utilized, and study tools to be on the same area.  If they have to keep getting up to find something, their focus is going to be off.  If they get too comfortable, their study time may turn to nap time.  🙂   Keep all electronics off and out of reach.  Even a TV on in another room can be distracting for some kids.  





Organize their tools.  Create a fun box or bag that holds all of their study needs.  My sons like tools, so their study tools are in a fun tool box.  My daughter likes purses and backpacks, so her “tools” are stocked in a pink sparkly backpack.  They are all easy to stash away when we don’t use them, and get them out when they do.  Depending on their age and needs, stock your tool box with:

  • pens
  • pencils
  • erasers
  • markers and/or colored pencils
  • calculator
  • scrap paper
  • glue stick
  • index cards


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Get organized.  If your child is not naturally organized, teach them!  Encourage them to keep things in order and promote organization.  This will not only make their life (and your life) easier now, it will help them for the future when they are out on their own!  Provide a calendar or dry erase board to help them keep track of assignments and upcoming tests.  Giving them a visual will help them stay ahead of the game when it comes to studying.  Have them keep a folder to keep all their assignments and paperwork in to keep it organized.  



Praise their hard work.  Kids like to hear they are doing good.  Praise their study habits and for working hard.  My kids LOVE when I hang their work up for the rest of the family to see.   It shows kids that you are taking notice, and that their hard work pays off.  



With these tools in hand, your child will be off to a great start to a wonderful school year.  



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