DIY wooden sign–Perfect for Father’s Day

diy handprint


I’m always looking for ways to make sentimental gifts for people.  I always want to make gifts that represent my kiddos and the stage they are in.  They are only going to be young little whippersnappers for a short time.  This is the easiest sign you can make, it costs hardly anything, and my kids loved it.  Super easy, and a great gift for Father’s Day.

1) Get a piece of wood from your local hardware store.  I have a bunch of these boards in my barn that my husband has laying around.  At my local hardware its less than $1.50 for this board and they cut it to the exact size that you want.


2)I had a bunch of stain in my basement so I sanded and stained the board.  I wanted it dark so I just stained it until I got it to the color I liked.


3)Next is the fun part, my board is 2′ wide.  So I measured to the middle and put a little pencil mark.  Since I was putting 4 handprints, I then measured half way again and put a little mark just to get an idea of where I want each print to go.  So then get your paint out and paint your kiddos hands.  They loved this part!!

4) I printed the “love” part, laid the printed piece of paper over my board and traced the letters (it left a small indent on my board from pressing down) Paint the part that you just traced.

5) Finish it off with some polyeurethane and you’re done!

diy handprint

Simple, cheap, and sentimental! 🙂



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