Do you compare yourself to other women?

I have been reading a blog called , and I love it. Check it out!! She recently wrote a post entitled What I don’t do.  The post was about how we can compare ourselves to super moms who have it all together, whose kids get along, whose homes are spotless, whose marriages are wonderful, whose pinterest pictures are picture perfect! Ladies, that is not reality! We all have kids who fight, we all have times that our houses are a mess (this is inevitable), we all have times that we fight with our husbands, and our pinterest projects DONT TURN OUT!! That is life. Do you compare yourself to others?

I’ll admit, there are times that I look at people in the store who have one kid, and I think wow, that must be so easy.  Yet, I don’t realize the struggle they have with their child, with their spouse, with their finances, with their home. We are all different yet we have a tendency to compare ourselves to others.  Don’t get me wrong, I think that comparing yourselves can be a good thing.  Do you have someone in your life that is godly, that sets a good example to her children, that takes care of her home well? Then by all means, compare yourself for the purpose of learning.  I think it is critical to learn from others. BUT, do not compare yourself to other women in a negative manner.

Society projects flawless women, it projects women that have perfect hair, clothes, bodies, cars, spouses, children, homes.  Society portrays these women as though they have it all together and have the key to happiness.  Society has become successful in indoctrinating and persuading women that they need to look a certain way, act a certain way, behave a certain way, cook a certain way, clean a certain way in order to be happy.  We are all different, our children are different, our marriages are different, our circumstances are different, we respond differently, we interpret differently.  We are born to be different from one another.

Don’t look at the woman who puts perfect pictures on her facebook page, where all of her kids are perfectly smiling when you know that behind that picture is this…


This picture is reality! So don’t compare yourself, don’t condemn yourself, don’t feel bad for what you don’t do, for what you aren’t, for what you cant do. You have gifts that other women don’t have.  Your kids have other gifts, traits, characteristics that others don’t have.  Your aim should be to walk worthy of God in your calling as a wife and mom.  He has equipped you to do that, and you CAN do that. So don’t worry if your sink has dishes, if your kids are crying, if you have an argument with your husband.  That is reality, and I want to live REAL!


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  1. Amen! This topic really hits home for me because I struggled growing up trying to do things to make others happy because that’s what was expected of me. But the truth is that it WASN”T who I really was which made me miserable and made me feel like a failure. I learned too that you can’t compare yourself because you don’t know what someone else is going through. It makes me grateful for the life I was given because it’s the one I can handle and that I need to follow my own heart when it comes to my happiness. Even if that means not being “perfect” in other people’s eyes.

    • Marissa says:

      Jennifer, Very true. We don’t know what others are going through, and we all have good and bad attributes. What you might be great at, I may be lacking and vice versa. I want to use my gifts and talents and be happy with them, not compare to what I don’t have. Plus, like you said you did things to make others happy because that’s what was expected of you, when I do that, I usually miss out on God’s blessings because I’m not following His plans, I’m following other people’s plans for me. Great comment! Thanks so much!!