Do you use Shopkick? I love it!



Do you use shopkick? Well wait first, let me ask this, do you know what shopkick is? 🙂 Shopkick is an app that you download on your smartphone and you will receive “kicks” just for walking into stores, scanning items, or making purchases. It’s super easy!

Go here and type in your number, you’ll receive a text message with directions to download.  Then when you walk into a store, just open up the app as you walk through the door….easy right? Then if you’re in the store and want to scan items, you can get more kicks, or buy items online you can get kicks.  A word of caution though….I don’t recommend scanning items while shopping with kids.  I’ve tried it a few times and the results were catastrophic! My kids don’t sit nicely in a cart in the first place so I should’ve known better!  But if you have one of those kids who happily sits while your shopping then by all means go for it! Boys don’t do that!

Anyway, you can cash your kicks in for gift cards to a buch of different stores.  I’ve only been using shopkick since December and I’ve been able to score a nice Target Giftcard that you may soon see us use for a giveaway to one of our lucky readers!

You’ll love it, just make sure you open the app when you walk into the store so that you get your kicks. Watch em add up, and get your reward!


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