Easy Homemade tortillas

I hate when I’m getting ready to make dinner and I realize I don’t have one of the main things I need for my recipe.  Last week I was going to make Mexican lasagna and realized I didn’t have the tortillas, so I made my own.  They were super easy, the recipe made about 50, and they are less than half the price of store bought tortillas. I make these once every couple of months and freeze what I don’t use.   Try this, it will save you money and you’ll never buy store bought again. Oh, and my kids love making them with me.  Get your kiddos in the kitchen and give this a try.


9 cups of flour (you can use all purpose or substitute part whole wheat flour)
1 Tablespoon Salt
2 Tablespoons Baking powder
1 cup shortening
2 1/2 cups of hot water

Combine first 3 ingredients, cut in shortening.  Add hot water (not scalding hot) Knead the dough until its smooth.  I put it in my Kitchen aid mixer with a bread hook. Let it sit for 15 minutes

Heat up your pan on the stove, if its too hot they’ll burn.  Keep it at medium heat.  Pull off pieces of dough and roll on a floured surface.  I usually roll into a 2 inch wide ball (like golf ball size) and roll it as thin as I can get it.

dough 1

dough 2

Place on heated skillet (non greased) Once it starts to get a few bubbles, flip it.  Slightly (barely) brown both sides.  You’ll learn the right heat as you go.

Use what you want and place the rest in a ziplock bag and freeze.

dough 3

And there ya go! Homemade tortillas! Easy. Super Easy.


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