EASY Tips to Save BIG on those BIG Ticket Items!



No one likes to have to spend a ton of money on those big ticket items, like furniture, appliances, and electronics.  Here are a few tips to help you save on those big expenditures.


1.  Shop around – Stores have sales cycles on certain items, and you can get some really great prices if you are patient, and wait for these times to come around.


2.  Do your research – Make sure to research your purchase before taking the plunge. Make sure you are getting the best deal at the best price for the item you need.


3.  Buy used – Some items you may be able to save by buying used. Lawn tractors are a great example. Some are junk, but you may be able to take advantage of that mistake someone else bought that is perfect for you. Check out Craigslist, Facebook Yardsale or deal sites before heading to the store.  Electronics can be purchased used as well.  Take advantage of technology changes by finding great deals on last year’s models.


4.  Price match – Many stores will price match competitors sales.  Just take in the sale flyer from the competitor, and ask for the price match.  Some stores even “meet and beat” the competitor’s prices.  We just did this with Lowes and Home Depot.  We brought in a printed sale from Lowes, and Home Depot beat their price by 10%.


5.  Hold that receipt – Hold onto your receipt and watch for future sales on the item you purchased.  Stores will rebate you with the difference of what you paid and the new sale price.  You have to have your receipt so make sure to keep it!  Check the store’s policy as some refund up to 30 days, and some 60-90 days.


6.  Buy floor models – If you are purchasing a refrigerator that will have the sides hidden with cabinets, try looking for a floor model.  Some may have a scratch or dent, but offer HUGE discounts.  If it will be hidden, take advantage of the deals!  You can also find discounts on models with a blown lightbulb, missing rack or shelf (that can be later purchased), or that have been refurbished or repaired.  In the market for a couch?  Shop the back room for discounts.  There you’ll find couches with small tears in the fabric that can be easily hidden or something that can easily be repaired.


7.  Buy energy efficient – Not only will these models run more efficiently, but you will save on your electric bill, and depending on the purchase, you may be able to take advantage of tax write offs.


8.  Use coupons & rebates – many stores offer coupons via their sales flyers, online, or through their social media pages.  Check these out before making your purchase!  If buying online, be sure to use a rebate website, such as Ebates for even greater savings!  If you are a new customer to Ebates you can even save $10 just for signing up!


9.  Use a rewards credit card – If you plan on using a credit card, be sure to use a rewards card for cash back on your purchase.  Each card is different, so be sure to check for the greatest reward before you head to the store.


10.  Ask for discounts – Most store associates are authorized to give discounts on items right there on the spot.  Other times you may have to talk to a manager.  Either way, you are likely to leave with a  nice discount on your item.


11.  Bundle your Savings – In the market for all of your kitchen appliances or a living room and bedroom set?  Shop at one store, and bundle the savings.  Stores are VERY likely to offer discounts if you are making a big, bundled purchase.  Be sure to ask!!


If you are in the market for a big ticket item, try these tips for some deep discounts.  And remember you can stack these together with shopping sales + coupons + rebates + rewards & cash back = some serious savings!!


Have any other money saving tips, or ways to save?  I’d love to hear about your deep discount purchases!


Happy Shopping!!



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