Easy way to earn $50 a year in free giftcards! NO WORK AT ALL!

I use bing as my search engine.  Mostly because that’s what search engine came up on my computer when I first started using it, and I haven’t really had the time or energy to change it.  It serves me well, and I have no problems with it.

Recently, I learned that you can get rewarded for using Bing as your search engine.  So I joined the rewards program (for free), and it have earned 271 points this week. Maybe because I do a lot of searching on bing, but for every 2 searches you do on Bing, you will get one point.  You then cash in your points for gift cards from amazon, toys r us, applebees and a bunch of others.  Super easy.  So, lets break this down….You need to use a search engine, why not use one that pays you?  If you do 30 bing searches a day, you’ll earn a $5 giftcard every month. $60 a year for not doing anything differently other than using the bing search engine instead of yahoo, google etc.  I’m sold. You can sign up or read more about it at Bing Rewards

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