A monumental moment at our house!

My 6 year old gets excited about…well…everything!! He gets excited when the driveway alarm goes off, he runs to the window to see who is here so that he can grace them with his presence.  He gets super excited over most things.  Which actually makes life really fun for me and for him.  I love seeing when he screams out of excitement.

So yesterday, my 2 oldest boys head out to the barn to feed the chickens and cows.  I am in the kitchen making dinner when he runs in the front porch and screams at the top of his lungs “mom come quick!!!”   My first thought is that some horrific accident occurred.  By the way he was screaming, I was scared.  I couldn’t find my shoes to slip on so I went running outside barefoot in the rain.  First step out the door…in the dog poop that my puppy decided to leave right outside the front door. Then the door scraped across it.

There is always a huge puddle in front of my barn for most of the year, its a low spot and you have to run way around the side of the barn in order to miss the puddle.  I could hear my son screaming, and I was screaming back to them but getting no response.  Through the puddle I went.  I run into the barn, and could still hear him screaming.  I finally reach my 2 boys…an egg!! He is screaming like a maniac still, over an egg! “The first one mom!! Can you believe it? And I found it all by myself!! I still cant believe we have a real egg!! Mom don’t you see it!?!? Arent you happy we have an egg. Mom?! Mom?!” I was stunned.  The bottom of my pants were soaked, I had poop on my foot, and there was hay and dirt stuck to the bottom of my feet.  I swept my son up in the air, kissed his cheek and told him how excited I was.  If it wasn’t for his excitement I might have yelled at him but I couldn’t crush his excitement and intoxication over this egg. He carried it inside like it was a valuable gem.  He washed it and hid it behind the coffee pot so that the other kids couldn’t crack it, and left it there for my next recipe.

In most circumstances, a chicken laying an egg would be a normal event.  Not in my home! Nope, things like this are monumental, and my son is still talking about finding the egg! It reminded me of the scripture in the Bible about having faith like a young child.  Excitement, joy, and passion over something, I pray to have faith and excitement like this little whippernsnapper!


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  1. Mary Lee says:

    This is a wonderful story Marissa! I could visualize it all because of your great explanations!