Ever wonder what do with that cheap bread?

Every few weeks I find super cheap bread at Walmart.  I got these loaves of French bread for just $0.60.  Lets be honest, I don’t think that I can even make bread that cheap.  So I usually buy some everytime I see them cheaply discounted.


 I bought 4 loaves at $0.60 per loaf

One loaf I used that night to make subs for the kiddos.  I used the next loaf in the morning for French toast.


 The last 2 loaves I made into garlic bread and froze them.  It’s super easy, just cut them in half (lengthwise) and plaster with butter and garlic, sometimes I add shredded cheese also.  Fold them back up, wrap in foil and stick them right back into the bag, then just toss them in the freezer.  Ready to use garlic bread for your next pasta dinner 🙂


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