File your taxes today for FREE!!

There are less than 20 days left to get your taxes in by the deadline.  Great news!!  You can get FREE tax software through H&R Block or  Turbo Tax.  Both offer options to direct deposit your refund for a speedier return.  (I got mine in less than a week!)

You can also e-file your returns for FREE if you qualify.

Which one should you choose?  Either software is good, but I have used Turbo Tax in the past,  and prefer that one.

Both explain line items well, offer free expert advice (although H&R Block limits the number of questions that can be asked), both can import tax info, and have an “error check” at the end to make sure you didn’t miss anything along the way.  Turbo Tax responds with an email immediately stating your returns were filed.  H&R block is less timely.  Turbo Tax also sends you a notification whether your taxes were accepted or denied by the government.  With H&R Block you have to log in to see your status.     Turbo Tax, in my opinion, has a better layout and is very easy to navigate through.  Turbo Tax also offers an Audit Meter that calculates your chances of being audited.

If you have any deductibles, like children, donations, or investments, you may want to upgrade to the deluxe version. (This is what I personally use)

Single?  Use the free version

Married, have children, donations, or own a home?  Use the Deluxe Version

Sold investments or have rental property?  Use the Premier Version

Have a small or home business?  Use the Home/Business Version


I would love to hear what tax software you use, what works well, and what doesn’t.


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