Food for thought…The deep well


Written By my friend Courtney:

Fresh starts. We all know the connotations of such a statement. Renewal. Refreshing. Recharging,…in a word new. It’s a remaking,if you will, of something. Usually it implies a change in direction from what was previously the intended course. In light of this weeks events I feel very much at an impass of a “fresh start”. Normally we see such decisions being made around the turn of the year and within a few weeks the energy or guilt in some cases which surged the change, now being gone or waxing cold we find the power or desire to continue in that path waning. What is it that keeps some going strong on the path and others seem to take the nearest exit ramp? Perseverance. In truth, they are not stronger than their counterparts who have abandoned ship. They are not resting in their strength. It would all too soon fail. No , they have tapped into a source that goes deep. Surface water
 shrinks at the heat of summer. We need a deep well that goes beyond the first few layers of sod. It is this spring that keeps the saint able to flourish when all around them is dying and withering. That is the life giving spring of Christ! I challenge you today friend. Do a test of your well. How are the levels? Is your sustenance coming from a shallow creek that fails or have you found the bedrock that will not fail?
  Jeremiah 33:3 “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.” There is none so sure as Christ. Lord, I ask today that you allow our dim eyes to see you reaching out to us! You long to bring us a new beginning but we must be willing to dig deeper than we have before.

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