Food For Thought….A Lasting Impression


I have been reading in 2 Timothy.  The letter that Paul wrote to Timothy before he is martyred for his faith.  I cannot wait to meet Paul in heaven.  I cant wait to hear the stories of his life.  Everything that Paul wrote was to build up other believers, to encourage, and motivate them.  

Paul writes about other believers that either encouraged, or deserted him during his trials.   You see, the impression that they left on Paul lasted far beyond the years of their lives.  We still read about them today.  The same holds true for us, our parents, our grandparents, etc.  My grandmother has passed away, but still when I see people that she knew they never hesitate to tell me what a wonderful and godly woman she was.  I agree.  Her life left an imprint on most people that she knew. 

Paul said that Oneisphorus continually refreshed him.  He didnt just help him one time, but rather his lifestyle reflected in his actions.  He helped, encouraged and loved Paul.  Though we dont know Oneisphorus personally, we have a lasting impression of who he was.  The same will be true of your life.   The lifestyle that we live as Christians will be remembered.  But not only after we die, but while we are living.  

Recently, there was a challenge that I did online, it asked a few questions that I answered and then it gave me a one word answer that “describes” who I am.  If the people in your life could give one word that describes you, what would it be? That is a representation of the impression you have left on other people.  I hope that mine could be something that is pleasing to God.  Ladies, we have the ability to draw people with our love for Christ.  We have the ability to impact people’s lives.  I pray that our lives would reflect the One who has given us life, and that we would leave others with an impression that points people to Jesus.  Live your life as an ambassador, a representative of who Jesus is and the love He has poured out on us. That impression will last forever. 

“Now then we are ambassadors for Christ”. 2 Corinthians 5:20

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