Food for thought…a little leaven

a little leaven

“A little leaven leavens the whole lump” Galatians 5:9

Remember the HUGE garden we planted this year?  Ohh what a disappointment when I went down to weed it yesterday…..

For the past two years our tomato plants have gotten late tomato blight.  Yesterday I went down to weed, and found that blight has again onset my tomatoes.  I did plant some disease resistant varieties this year, so I am hoping that they don’t get blight, but that chances are slim.  For those of you who don’t know what tomato blight is, let me explain.  When the weather is damp, and nights are cold (like it has been ALL SUMMER!!) the tomato plants start to grow mold around the roots.  The mold is not visible to people, but it greatly affects the plants.  Once your tomatoes have blight, there is nothing you can do and it will wipe out your entire tomato crop on one day, literally!

So I have been greatly disappointed the past two summers as my entire crop has been wiped out.  In order to ensure that blight doesn’t come back, you must immediately rip the plants out by the root and burn them.  Here is the strange thing about tomato blight…The leaves of the plant begin to get brown spots, then the stem and root also turns brown…but at first sight, it does not appear that the fruit is affected.  So for the past two years, I picked thousands of green tomatoes off my plants and put them out in the sun to ripen because the plants were affected by the blight but it didn’t look like the actual tomatoes were affected.  Hoping that they wouldn’t be affected, I went out and checked them everyday only to find that as they began to turn red, they started forming brown spots all over the tomatoes.

Believe me, I have spent hours reading about this horrific plant disease, I have spent time talking to colleges and professors on how to get rid of it.  I have talked to every gardener that I know.  There is no cure to stop this disease from spreading and from affecting all of the fruit on the plants.

It all started from a tiny little spore of mold that started to grow on the base of the plant and it spread throughout the plant, killed the plant and all of the fruit that the plant was meant to bear.  You see, that is what sin does in our lives ladies. It starts out small.  Just like the mold, people may not even see it.  There are these small sins in our lives that we may think no one knows, or that we may think they are not a big deal, little white lies.  When we overlook those things that we denote as small little sins, they begin to affect our entire being, our fruit, and our families.  Satan is subtle, he sneaks in the cracks, and tempts us with things that we consider small sins that wont hurt anyone.  What we don’t realize is that it is destroying us, it is spoiling our relationship with Jesus, and it will ruin our fruit.

A little leaven will leaven the entire lump.  A little sin will affect us, whether we think it will or not.  We must repent, tear out those sins in our lives, and give them over to Jesus who will forgive us, make us clean, and cause our fruit to last! I pray God would open our eyes today to the leaven that is in our lives. Have a blessed day everyone!

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