Food for thought…A merry heart does good!

Sometimes I can look at the negative side of things, and I can look at how hard things may be.  That is usually because I am focused on myself! 🙂

So this week, while I ran to the store, our puppy got off her chain , and when I came home she was long gone.  After much looking, calling, fretting, and the kids crying, finally I got a call from the animal shelter that they had picked her up.  Whew, thank God.

So I go down to the animal shelter only to find out that I can’t pick her up because she didn’t have her rabies shot (I thought she needed to be 6 months for the shots, and she is only 4 months) so I left, with no dog. The next day the woman who runs the animal shelter brought her to the vet and got her shot for me and when I went to pick her up the second time, I had all my kiddos with me.  I bet you have never tried bringing 4 little boys into an animal shelter, and I hope you NEVER have to!! So after waiting for a while (waiting with kids is the hardest thing I have to do), I learned that because the dog was not yet licensed I couldn’t take her home.  After cleaning the dog poop off the kids shoes,  we left again with no dog.  I was started to get really flustered with all of this running around, and nothing is that easy when I have all the boys with me.

So the next morning I had to go to the town clerk to license the dog before I could AGAIN go back and try to pick her up.  When I walked into the clerks office, immediately I knew it would be rough.  It was extremely small, with no chairs, and I again had all the kids with me.  So after waiting ten minutes for the woman in front of me, I realized there was a new clerk and she was extremely cautious so she read, and re-read, then re-read again, and again, and again before she processed the paperwork.  Let me remind you that during this time, my kids had ripped a poster off the wall, climbed up on a shelf, climbed in the cupboards, locked someone outside, I had to constantly chase Benjamin into the backroom.  Everyone in there had learned the names of all my children because I had said over and over again “Jude don’t do that, “Jacob stop that, Levi leave him alone, Benjamin come back here” I was so flustered.  Finally it was my turn! So the lady starts with my paperwork, and twenty minutes later, I was still standing there waiting.  As you can imagine, my kids were not quietly waiting, even though I tried to bribe them with a gumball from the machine that was in the clerks office.  Levi was in timeout over by the door, Benjamin was climbing in the cupboards, and the other boys were (as always) punching each other! Levi must have asked me at least 20 times (I’m not exaggerating) if he could get out of timeout.  I was at the end of my rope, it’s not so much that they are naughty or disrespectful or disobedient, but they are BOYS! They break things, they wrestle, they run, they break more things, they fart, they pick their nose.  That is my boys, and that is what they did the entire time we were in the clerks office.

Finally, Levi asked if he could get up and I agreed that he could.  I then gave everyone a dime to put in the gumball machine. So Levi jumps up, does a little dance with his hips and yells “Oh yeah, I get to get up and get a gumball guys! Check out how I can make an armpit fart!” Everyone in there burst into laughter as that little squirt popped his gumball into his mouth with his big bucked tooth smile.  I looked around and realized that no one in there was stressed or upset except for me.  Everyone else was laughing, he turned my frustration into laughter too as I realized things aren’t that bad.  When I focus on how hard something will be, then of course it will be hard! From then on, I purposed that I would stop focusing on how difficult things may be, and focus on the joy it is that I get to raise these 4 little buggers, and God has abundantly blessed me and my family.  I want to have a merry heart that shines for my Savior!

“A merry heart does good, like medicine, But a broken spirit dries the bones” Proverbs 17:22

Let’s all let out a little laughter today, even if you are in a hard situation 🙂

a merry heart

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