Food For Thought…Are Your Eyes Veiled?

From the moment that we surrender our lives to Jesus, and we receive His gift of salvation, He calls us to something higher than we know.  He calls us to righteousness.  He calls us to live a life that is separate from the world, sanctified. 

As I was reading about Sodom and Gomorrah, I thought about Lot and his family. The name Lot means “man with a veil over his eyes.”  You see, when Lot separated from Abraham, Lot looked out and saw this beautiful land that he wanted.  Looking through the eyes of his flesh, he saw what he wanted and he pursued it.  Then we read that God gives Abraham the land that He chose for him, and He blessed him.  Do you see the difference here? Lot chose for himself, God chose for Abraham.  

So Lot then pitched his tent in the plains, facing Sodom. You see, Lot’s downfall was not quick.  Our enemy doesnt usually cause us to quickly jump into destruction, but rather he temps us slowly. Before we move on, let me ask you this…..What direction is your tent facing?

Now remember these couple points as we continue…..1) Lot was a saved man, a righteous man. 2) Lot started out dwelling in the plains outside of Sodom.

We know from Genesis 13:13–“The men of Sodom were exceedingly wicked and sinful against the Lord.” Notice it says EXCEEDINGLY.  So we are talking about very evil people.  But as I read on, I read about the invasion and war that broke out in Sodom, and this is what really caught my eye “They also took Lot, Abraham’s brothers son, who dwelt in Sodom.” Genesis 14:12  Wow, so Lot no longer pitched his tent facing this wicked city, he became a part of this wicked city.  Now keep reading…..In Chapter 19, it says when two angels came to Sodom, they found Lot sitting at the gate of the city.  This means that Lot was a leader in the city.  The leaders sat at the gates.  Ok, so we see a righteous man who starts out facing his tent toward evil, then we see him residing in evil, then we see him as a leader of the evil city.  

I often see Christians who compromise in many ways, how they act, where they go, how they talk, how they dress.  Compromise is compromise no matter how large or small it is.  Lots compromise started out small, maybe he had good intentions when he entered into that city, just as we often have good intentions when we take our steps without God’s direction. But we all know how this story ends.  The city is destroyed, and Lot’s wife is also killed by God.  But we dont see an immediate repentance from Lot.  The angels tell Lot to flee into the mountains, but Lot insists that he doesn’t want to go there, rather he wants to go to the city of Zoar.  He is permitted to do so, just as sometimes we are permitted to do what we want.  But see how his story ends….”Then Lot went up out of Zoar and dwelt in the mountains, he and his two daughters, for he was afraid to dwell in Zoar.  And he and his two daughters dwelt in a cave.  You see ladies, God sometimes lets us have the things that we insist we need, or that we insist are good for us, but do you see the destruction that comes from our own will?  Sometimes we can parallel our lives to Lot.  Sometimes we see things in the world that look beautiful to us, things that we desperately want, just as Lot did with Sodom.  Slowly, our enemy gives us an increased hunger for those things, before we know it wee have partaken in things that we ought not.  And you know what the scariest part is? We are blind.  Just as Lots name means ” man with a veil over his eyes”, our eyes become veiled.  We dont see our sin.  I often wondered why Lot never left the city, a city that was so wicked before God, why he never separated himself?  The answer is because his eyes were veiled.  

Ladies, I pray today that God would remove the veils from our eyes.  I pray that He would show us the things in our lives that are not pleasing to Him.  I pray that we would clearly see those things that we are pursuing apart from His will, and I pray that we would be separate from this world.  I want to be willing to go against the flow, to swim upstream, to be someone who is just passing through here.  Not making this my home, or seeking to attain anything here that has no eternal value.  

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